In-Demand Jobs For 2021 and the Future of Work

By Stefano Tromba
May 10, 2021

Recent job data reveals some interesting trends for in-demand jobs of 2021. Not surprisingly, tech leads the pack as the fastest-growing jobs of all. Digital marketing roles are among the fastest-growing, as are digital content creators and UX design.

Tech to the Rescue

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Technology is everywhere. It has made its way into just about every market sector and continues to grow at a rapid pace. And why not? Technology has been widely embraced for its ability to simplify just about any manual, tedious task.

Take payroll, for example. At one time, payroll was almost exclusively managed as an in-house task – taking time and careful review before processing. Now, with automated platforms like Fingercheck and others, payroll can be performed easily and at the touch of a button.

Aside from the money a business can save, automation technology is a valuable time-saver. Small business owners already have their hands full managing their day-to-day. However, especially now, under stained conditions caused by COVID-19 and new laws stemming from it, any support allowing more time to focus on your core business is essential.

Top In-Demand Jobs

Previous research on emerging job trends usually looked at the past 5 years. However, in light of how rapidly the world of work has changed, the focus now is on the immediate present. But it’s not all digital skills that are emerging as in-demand jobs. Many of these positions, which have since gone remote due to the pandemic, now call for more traditional skills.  This is useful for anyone looking to refine or enhance their qualifications to stay sharp and prepared for the year ahead.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the current and most in-demand jobs:

  • Education Professionals
  • Digital Content Creators
  • Business & Sales Professional
  • HR & Workplace Diversity Professionals
  • Digital Marketing
  • Healthcare Support Staff
  • Nurses
  • Frontline e-Commerce Workers

What’s interesting to note is that within all these roles, a digital component will likely be required. Because of technology’s prevalence in the workforce, it’s expected that many jobs today will depend and call for some form of technological experience and know-how.

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