FingerCheck Rolls Out New Security Feature: Two-Factor Authentication

By Katherine Muniz
November 10, 2015

FingerCheck has added another step of security to keep all your data safe and secure.

Since the announcement of FingerCheck360, our new payroll solution, our programming team has taken measures to heighten account security to ensure all data is protected.

We have incorporated two-factor authentication on the application and on the mobile app in order to maximize account protection against hacks or wrongful entry. This feature will allow you to be confident that all the information in FingerCheck is secure.

Two-factor Authentication

To enable two-factor authentication (commonly abbreviated as 2FA) simply go to your Preferences settings, and check “Use Two-Factor Authentication,” which will add an extra step to your basic log-in procedure in order to secure your account.

Since FingerCheck can detect when a user is logging in from an unrecognized device, once 2FA is enabled, FingerCheck will send an email to the email address on file, with a temporary security code. In order to gain access to the account, you must provide this additional factor of authentication.

Since 2FA can only be enabled using the online application, the feature will apply to both the online website as well as the FingerCheck mobile app. The logic behind our new security measure is that by requiring an additional level of authentication beyond the username, password and company code, only those who prove they are capable of retrieving a second authentication factor will be able to successfully log in.

As stated on CNET, 2FA requires the user to have two out of three types of credentials before being able to access an account. The three types are:

  • Something you know, such as a personal identification number (PIN), password or a pattern
  • Something you have, such as an ATM card, phone, or fob
  • Something you are, such as a biometric like a fingerprint or voice print

As you know, FingerCheck is all about biometrics, as we sell fingerprint and face ID time clocks. In order to punch in for an employee on a FingerCheck clock, you have to be them (something you are).

Another example of an authentication feature is our mobile capture, which requires employees to take a photo in order to punch (something you are). In the future, FingerCheck may have more security checks, but for now, our two-factor authentication is there to secure your account.

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