Fingercheck Partners with AT&T to Provide 3G SIM Cards for GPRS Clocks

By Katherine Muniz
October 17, 2017

We know how important it is to equip remote areas with a time clock with dependable, fast connectivity to ensure that every employee and each punch is recognized, recorded and reported on time. That is why we upgraded our products to be able to accommodate a better signal, partnering with AT&T for an improved connection for our GPRS clocks.

Previously, because of bad service patches around some neighborhoods, many times the connection defaulted to 2G, which made the connection fairly slow. As a result, it took a long time for punches to come in, ultimately delaying real-time notifications.

After testing our time clocks with AT&T’s new 3G SIM cards, we’re happy to report that our 3G service works great. We’ve tested these devices with different clients, on different job sites. Across the board, the results have been positive, leading to our permanent adoption of AT&T’s 3G SIM cards.

If you already own a TA200+ GPRS time clock and have been experiencing patchy internet connectivity, kindly let us know and we’ll be able to swap the SIM cards for you. We value your service and are committed to providing the best products possible.

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