Employees Can Update Tax Withholding and Direct Deposit Information on Mobile

By Katherine Muniz
July 12, 2016

How often do your employees ask you “Can you change my payment method?” or “How do I adjust my tax withholding status?”

What if they could make those changes themselves – from anywhere? We recently added a sleek and powerful new feature to the mobile app that empowers your employees to update their direct deposit accounts and update exemptions or tax withholding as often as they need.

In our latest update release of the mobile app, this new functionality has been added to the profile settings for employees using FingerCheck360 online payroll.

On the dashboard, the profile icon opens a newly expanded menu of actions allowing employees to self-manage their personal information along with their Tax Withholding, Compensation/Pay, and Emergency Contacts.

Take a look at the feature in detail by going to our corresponding help desk article.

Updating Tax Withholding

If at any time an employee needs to change their exemptions, instead of asking you to adjust their tax withholding, employees can now do it independently.

Employees can easily edit they’re all of their withholdings including Federal, State, and Local Withholding filing status, and change the number of exemptions.

Once completed, all they need to do is sign a digital signature directly on their smartphones and it will generate a new W-4 form and will be stored on their profile in FingerCheck360 payroll software.

Updating Compensation/Pay

Employees can also edit their direct deposit information if they decide to switch accounts they are being paid to.

They can easily change or update their bank account information and add a new bank account to have their net pay allocated across multiple accounts.

For additional accounts, employees can enter a flat amount they’d like funneled into each account or a percentage of their net pay. This gives employees full control over their net pay without involving you in the details.

If the employee deletes all of the accounts or puts 0% on the accounts it will default back to payments via check.

Emergency Contacts

Employees can add an unlimited number of contacts to their account, storing vital contact information so family and friends can be contacted in the case of an emergency.

With this latest mobile update, employees can add and/or edit the contacts directly from the mobile app. When adding contacts, employees will be able to select a relationship role for each contact, which can easily be created online by a supervisor or admin.

Simply create a basic list of roles your employees can select from when assigning a role to a contact.  All in all, this is just another step forward in making your online payroll completely autonomous.

If your business has already upgraded to FingerCheck360, every available tool is now at you and your employees’ disposal. If you haven’t yet upgraded to FingerCheck360 payroll software and you’re interested in trying it for free, sign up or contact us for a quote.

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