Employee Self-Service: What is It and Why Should I Get It?

By Katherine Muniz
September 19, 2016

Employee self-service (ESS) is a feature provided by many web-based applications that allow employees to access and manage their own personal information, banking information, and sometimes, scheduling information.

The main motivation behind giving employees access to their personal records is to reduce staff’s involvement in the maintenance of employee accounts, as employees are empowered to self-manage their own personal details and make basic administrative changes themselves.

With ESS, employers no longer have to go digging on behalf of an employee who asks a basic question (did my punch go through?), or be tasked with making minor updates on a frequent basis. Employees can check their own information and resolve questions on their own.

Additionally, employees can edit and update information such as their emergency contacts, payment information, and address. In some cases (like with FingerCheck) employees can even do things like apply for leave from work, submit reimbursement requests, and review and sign off on timesheets.

Using FingerCheck self-service, you can reduce your involvement in employee administration and empower your employees to self-manage their own time and attendance.

Time and Attendance

Employees with self-service can log into their own account online and have 24/7 access to the following time and attendance features. Employees can:

  • Punch in and out on the time clock web punch page (if enabled by supervisor/administrator)
  • Review their own timesheets with view-only access
  • Check their PTO balance and request PTO
  • Create and send general requests to supervisors
  • Digitally sign their timesheets (if requested and set up by supervisor/administrator)
  • View their schedule
  • Manually enter time entries (if enabled by supervisor/administrator)

We also offer a smartphone-friendly app for mobile use which self-service employees can download to their iPhone/Android phone. (Employees with other phone models can download our browser-based mobile app.) They can:

  • Make a mobile punch with GPS tracking with the option of being required to take a selfie at the time of the punch
  • Request time off and check their PTO balance
  • Submit reimbursement requests
  • Create general requests
  • Sign their timesheets
  • View an employee directory
  • View their schedule


An employee who is signed up for FingerCheck360 can also:

  • View their paystubs
  • View their annual forms
  • View their compensation history
  • Update tax withholding and direct deposit information (on mobile)

FingerCheck360 – Employee Self-Onboarding

Businesses signed up for our enhanced payroll solution FingerCheck360 have access to many more features, and so do their employees.

New hires who have been invited by their supervisor to self-onboard can independently enter their own personal and payroll information when onboarding and complete eligibility verification and tax withholding steps that auto-fill a digital W-4 form and I-9 form.

These documents are saved and can be digitally retrieved from an admin’s account at any time.

The features contained within FingerCheck’s employee self-service ensure that your employees have access to track their hours and review their time at their own convenience.

Combined with the ability to request time off, have a punch clock online and on the mobile app, and view an up-to-date schedule, there isn’t an employee who wouldn’t like to have self-service at their fingertips.

If you’re interested in giving your employee self-service, you can do so easily by reading our guide on how to set up employee self-service. We know you and your employees will love it!

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