Comparing the Benefits of Web Punch vs. Mobile Punch

By Katherine Muniz
July 14, 2016

Your employee time tracking is our priority, which is why we make it easy for your employees to clock in using just about any device they have. As requested, today we’ll be comparing the benefits of making a web punch versus a mobile punch.

Web punch

Convenience is our M.O. and you’d be hard-pressed to find an easier method of clocking in than using our online time clock. Take the following benefits for example:

  • Employees can punch online. Online! The internet is everywhere now, and your employees are most likely on it at some point during the day.
  • No devices necessary – most workplaces have at least one computer on-premises, which means that you don’t need to purchase a biometric time clock in order to provide your employees with a fully functional online time clock.
  • Punches can be restricted to one IP address so you can control which web browser your employees clock in from.
  • It provides a fool-proof method of clocking in. Employees can’t excuse themselves by blaming the failure of devices for not clocking in, i.e. ” my phone was dead,” or, “the time clock tablet was dead,” or, “the clock wasn’t working.”

Mobile punch

When your employees have no choice but to clock in wherever they are, that’s where the mobile app comes in. The mobile app, compatible with iPhone and Android, is our free app that provides employees with a quick method of punching.

  • If your employee’s got a smartphone, most likely they’ll be able to download FingerCheck Mobile. Mobile employees who constantly change up their work environment (think construction workers, traveling salesmen, and etc.) will love the convenience of clocking in right from the mobile app.
  • While the mobile app is great for clocking in from anywhere, if you’d like punches to be restricted to one geographical locale, you can enable a feature called geo-fencing. This feature alerts you when an employee attempts to punch outside a specified perimeter and determines whether to accept this punch based on your settings.
  • You can also restrict employees from making a mobile punch for any job other than the one you specify. You can read more about this on the FingerCheck help desk.
  • As a security measure, you can opt to restrict punches to one mobile device in order to thwart coworkers who punch in for each other, a.k.a buddy punching. If you tie each employee to their smartphone’s unique mobile ID, employees will only be able to clock in from their own device.
  • You can add another measure of security by enabling a feature that requires employees to take a selfie each time they make a mobile punch! This 21st-century feature is as cute as it is useful.
  • You can also keep an eye on mobile punches in real-time using four separate methods described in the FingerCheck help desk to review punch information, including location, time of punch, and punch photo. One of them, Geo Live Map, even displays all mobile punches on a map powered by Google Maps for easy viewing!

As you now know, making a web punch or a mobile punch isn’t only convenient, it provides supervisors a lot of power in reviewing and managing punches. We’ll end this article with a question to you — is there a method you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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