10 Great Things You Can Do with Fingercheck360

By Katherine Muniz
March 7, 2018

Fingercheck360 is our all-in-one inclusive platform that provides you with digital tools to manage your employees online. From hiring to payroll, your organization’s daily operations are made more efficient with Fingercheck360 at your service. Here are ten great things you can do using Fingercheck360!

1. Hire employees completely online

How would you feel if you could hire employees completely in-house? With Fingercheck360, that’s possible. Using our applicant tracking system, you can post a job, screen applicants, update the status of an applicant in the hiring process, and finally, hire an applicant, all using our portal.

2. Share agreements with employees

After migrating new hires from hiring to onboarding, you can share paperless agreements with them. They’ll be prompted to electronically sign while they’re entering their personal information and payment information. You can have these signed documents emailed to the employees upon activation.

3. Track birthdays and anniversaries

Our HR features allow for a more personalized experience when managing your employees. Our platform tracks birthdays and anniversaries so that you never miss an important milestone. It also allows you to store human-resource-related documents and attachments online so your team can have one system of record.

4. Turn to HR Concierge

Ever wished you had an HR professional at your fingertips? HR Concierge is a comprehensive web resource that’s backed by an experienced, credentialed client management team, and is available through Fingercheck. You can sign up to gain access to personalized HR support and an extensive HR knowledge-base.

5. Track employees with unlimited 7-level job costing

Fingercheck started as a time and attendance software, which is why our time tracking features are so strong. Time can be tracked based on the cost center levels you set up, whether it be job, department, location, etc. It can even tie the rate to these levels, making manual calculation a problem of the past.

6. Use strong reporting features

Fingercheck offers a wide scope of pre-made reports that help provide a breakdown of your company’s data within a matter of seconds. Whether you want to bill clients based on the number of hours worked at a specific job site, or to assess your employees’ attendance patterns, our reports deliver answers at a glance.

7. Have access to unlimited payroll runs

Fingercheck360 is a self-service payroll platform, which means that you can manage payroll completely in-house. You can run payroll as many times as you need to, whether it be to pay an employee a bonus, make a correction to a check, or need to run a special payroll for just one employee.

8. Payroll Preview

Fingercheck’s Payroll Preview feature literally allows you to preview your payroll before running it. It breaks down all your payroll costs in detail, allowing you to analyze each employee’s total hours, gross pay, deductions, taxes, direct deposit, and net pay in a PDF that can also be downloaded in an Excel Spreadsheet.

9. Run payroll automatically

Using our Auto-Run Payroll feature, you can put payroll on auto-pilot and Fingercheck360 will run your payroll for you. Simply set a payment schedule and Fingercheck360 does the rest. The day payroll is due to be processed, you’ll receive an email listing the total cash required. If no issues prevent the system from running payroll, Fingercheck360 runs payroll.

10. Calculate Net-to-gross payments

Fingercheck360’s handy check calculator allows you to easily calculate net-to-gross payments. Simply enter the net pay you wish to give and the calculator grosses up an employee’s paycheck so that the net pay they receive is the right amount. It calculates how much you’d need to pay in total with taxes factored in.

Interested in upgrading to Fingercheck360 or trying us out for the first time? Head over to our site where you can learn more about our platform and sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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