By: Katherine Muniz Nov 02, 2015

New Data Column Added to the Employee Tab!

Employee tab with Supervisor column displayed in window.

The “Employee” tab within FingerCheck’s employee time clock software is the main tab managers go to to oversee all their employee information.

The tab itself is organized by columns, some which are displayed by default, and others which are contained within the Column Customization list. Now, we have added a new data column to the list! Administrators and supervisors can easily drag and drop our new “Supervisor” column to readily view at all times each employee’s supervisor.

Previously, the only “Supervisor” column that existed was, “Is Supervisor” which could be added in to view which employees were s upervisors themselves. Now, any managerial user will be able to check the supervisor of any employee in the company. 

This handy new column adds extra value to our column customization list, and just as columns can be dragged into the main window, they can also be dragged out.

This is a great workaround to simplifying your employee tab display, or getting rid of unnecessary clutter. FingerCheck is always adding onto our existing software and making improvements.

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