FingerCheck’s 2015 Year in Review!

By Katherine Muniz
December 31, 2015

As both a company and a product, FingerCheck has grown so much over the past year. Here, we take a look back on our biggest accomplishments in 2015:

January – Newly Designed Web Punch Screen

We started out the year with a freshly designed clock-in screen for employees. (We can’t wait to show you what we have in plan for a 2016 redesign).

February – New Help Desk

Our Help Desk has been completely revitalized and is now a bustling DIY help center that holds countless guides on how to use FingerCheck for your purposes, big and small.

March – Scheduling on Mobile App

Scheduling on the mobile app allows employers to manage employee’s schedules and employees can login and view their schedules at any time.

April – Mobile App 2.0

We’ve upgraded the mobile app, which is a far cry away from our mobile app one year ago. The FingerCheck mobile app now features sleek personalized graphs, employee and supervisor menus, and plenty of new functions. Employees can now digitally sign to approve their timesheets, request time off and view accrued PTO, search for departments or jobs when punching, and more. Supervisors can now run and download reports right to their smartphone.

Employees can now digitally sign to approve their timesheets, request time off and view accrued PTO, search for departments or jobs when punching, and more. Supervisors can now run and download reports right to their smartphone.

May – In-App Customer Service Messaging

Since customer communication is important to us, this year we introduced our new in-application chat tool! Any client signed into FingerCheck can initiate contact with one of our support representatives right from within the application. Our representatives are always available to respond during work hours and do their best to respond as soon as possible.

June – GEO Live Map

The GEO live map allows you to view all employees clocked in from mobile or IP address all in a map view.

July – Mobile Punch Photo

We’ve got lots of praise for this one. Employers can be rest assured now that the employee punching in is actually the punching for themselves.

August – Time Clock Tablet App

We designed an app that transforms tablets into time clocks! The app, available on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Our Time Clock Tablet app can be used in one fixed location, like an office, or brought on the go. It operates even without the internet, so you can collect punches onsite at any location, and have the punches sent over once the internet is available.

September – ACA Reporting

We introduced Affordable Care Act reporting in order to help you determine and calculate your company’s specific status regarding the employer responsibility provisions of the ACA Employer Mandate. You can now determine if your company qualifies as an ALE, determine when your part-time employees may be considered full-time based on their hours, forecast scheduled hours with future schedules to determine how close employees are to thresholds, and ensure that your part-time employees remain under the appropriate hour’s thresholds.

October – FingerCheck360 – Our All-in-One HR Solution

We took on our biggest project to date by dedicating countless man-hours to developing an industry-changing solution: our new payroll platform. FingerCheck360 is the product of our CEO’s vision to create a solution that combined all the most important aspects of employee management – applicant tracking, employee onboarding, time tracking, and payroll, into one platform. Our new solution will launch in the New Year for NY, NJ and CA and we couldn’t be more excited to offer new states and added services in 2016.

November – Two-Factor Authentication

After adding payroll to our module, there needs to be more security. With Two-factor authentication, employers can be calm that all the data is secure and can only be accessed by them or the person in charge.

December – New Referral Program

We know the value of a great recommendation, which is why we decided to officially launch our very own Referral Program. Clients who refer friends get a $25 Amazon Gift Card for each signup after their first billing cycle. 2015 has truly been a year of change and growth for our solution and our business, and we thank you for trusting in our products and our people. We would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

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