5 Disputes You Don’t Have to Worry About with Fingercheck

By Katherine Muniz
March 28, 2018

In this day and age, the cost of wage theft is high, and accusations of workplace misconduct frequently occur. All it takes is one employee to make a wage and hour claim against you, and the setbacks are cataclysmal. Luckily, Fingercheck was designed for transparency, with features that provide insight for employees and employers.

Here are five wage theft disputes you don’t have to worry about with Fingercheck:

Accusation #1: You’ve adjusted employee timesheets after they’ve been submitted.

If an employee claims you’ve adjusted their timesheets, you can show them their time card from your supervisor/admin account. All-time entries that have been edited will be marked with an asterisk. Additionally, you can enable employee signature for timecard approval prior to processing so that they’ve personally reviewed and signed off on their own timesheets to avoid trouble in the future.

Accusation #2: You make it hard for your employees to clock in on-the-job.

With Fingercheck, clocking in and out is possible under any circumstance. Whether your employees are in the office, at a job site, or working remotely, they always have ways to log their hours. Employees can clock in/out via biometric punch, mobile punch, web punch, text punch, twitter punch, and tablet punch.

Accusation #3: You’ve violated minimum wage laws.

Fingercheck has a payroll feature that detects when employees are paid less than the federal/local minimum wage, making it simple for you to double-check whether your company is in the clear. FingerCheck360 will automatically determine if the employee is below the minimum wage threshold by taking into consideration the state, company size, and other factors that impact the way the minimum wage is calculated.

Accusation #4: You’re accused of gypping employees of overtime.

Fingercheck makes it easy for you to program your overtime policy in a manner that is compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)’s overtime requirements. Our system stores your time records for seven years, which means you can pull these records at any time to prove your compliance.

Accusation #5: Your employees can’t verify their own hours.

If you enable employee self-service, your employees will be access to review their own timecard online. They’ll be sent an email prompting them to create an account. There, they’ll be able to keep tabs on their attendance and confirm that all their punches are correct. Each employee’s digital time card contains a log of all their worked time, absence, break time, holiday hours, and paid time off.

Promoting fair and honest work is crucial in running a business. If you’re a rule-abiding employer, Fingercheck’s transparency and accountability can help you proactively combat and dispute the claims of disgruntled employees.

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