What are the best ways to pay my employees?

By Fingercheck Marketing
June 15, 2023

As a business owner, you know you need to pay your employees.

But how do you pay them? Direct deposit? Paper check? Or do you need a modern solution for those on your team who don’t use traditional banks?

Paying your employees isn’t as simple as distributing checks or cash. You must follow the correct process by withholding payroll taxes, paying those taxes and keeping accurate records.

This process can be completed manually, but manual payroll processing is plagued with costly errors. According to a recent Ernst & Young survey, 1 in 5 payrolls in the U.S. contains errors. These errors can get you in trouble with the IRS and negatively impact your bottom line.

Studies show that the IRS penalizes nearly 1 in 3 businesses for payroll mistakes. You can avoid costly errors by investing in a modern payroll processing platform. 

Payroll by Fingercheck simplifies the payroll process for small businesses, allowing employers to effortlessly run payroll from anywhere. Our platform offers many features to simplify the process of paying your employees. 

Pay On-Demand

Sometimes, employees may need their paychecks immediately to handle unexpected events, like a car repair, a medical emergency, an unplanned veterinary visit, or even a bill that’s due. And that’s where our earned wage access option comes into play.

Fingercheck’s Pay On-Demand feature allows employees to access their already-earned wages and salaries before their scheduled payday. 

But Pay On-Demand isn’t just for the employees, it also helps business owners attract and retain their staff. Fingercheck will advance the money from our balance sheet to help you help your employees. So, there’s no cash flow outlay from you as the employer. We cover those costs.

Employees can request access to Pay On-Demand through their mobile or web apps. In both cases, they need to click on the “Pay On-Demand” tab on the menu and select “Apply Now” and wait for their supervisor’s approval. 

With Pay On-Demand, employees can avoid high-interest payday loans and ease financial stress before payday. 

Next-Day Pay

Next-Day Pay provides businesses with flexibility around payroll processing deadlines. With this feature, a business owner can run payroll by 6:15 p.m. ET and pay their employees the next morning. 

With Next-Day Pay, you’ll never have to worry about meeting payroll deadlines again. Our platform expedites the payroll processes, keeping your employees happy and your business compliant with labor laws. Next-Day Pay is included with our 360 Plus solution. There is a small fee to use Next-Day Pay with our Small Business Starter and 360 solutions. Here’s how to access it

Payroll Debit Cards

A Payroll Debit Card is a prepaid card that’s automatically loaded with the employee’s wages or salary each payday. The employee can then use the card to make purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs.

Payroll Debit Cards can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted. The card works exactly like a debit card, and the only difference is that it’s not linked to a bank account. 

Fingercheck offers Payroll Debit Cards with the goal of making payroll as easy and convenient as possible for both employers and employees. With Fingercheck’s Payroll Debit Cards, your employees can instantly access their salaries and wages. 

Simplify your payroll process with Fingercheck

We know that payroll processing can be a headache, especially for small businesses, so we created Fingercheck to simplify the process. Our goal is to ensure that you and your employees have a seamless experience.

You and your team can access Payroll by Fingercheck on your phones, tablets or computers. We give you easy access to your payroll anywhere, anytime. 

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