At Fingercheck, pleasing our customers is paramount.

That’s why we launched Fingercheck’s Feature Request forum, and, based on your responses, we’re thrilled to bring you our latest batch of bug fixes and feature updates.

New Features

Web: Next-Day Direct Deposit

Fingercheck is ready to help you pay your staff tomorrow with our Next-Day Direct Deposit feature. This exciting new feature allows you to run payroll by 6 p.m. and pay your employees the next morning. Contact Fingercheck Support today to learn more.

Mobile: View Your Benefits

Employees enrolled in benefits are now able to see all of their benefit enrollments and contributions in the mobile app. Additionally, supervisors will be able to view each employee’s enrollment and costs.

For employees, select Employee – View Benefits Dashboard. There is a new option, Benefits, on the left navigation menu to display the Benefits Dashboard. This includes all benefit enrollments, and employee and employer costs.

benefits dashboard

For administrators, select View Employee Benefits: Under the ‘My Team’ tab > Employee, a new option, “Benefits,” will display each employee’s benefits enrollments.

benefits screen fingercheck app

Web: New Break Policy Templates

We know how time-consuming it is to set up break policies. Based on your feedback, we have created a set of templates with our customers’ most commonly used break policies. You can save time by using any of these templates.

For example, if you want a policy for a paid 30-minute break each day, you can quickly set it up for implementation using pre-defined templates.

The new break policy templates include:

  • Paid break policy
  • Unpaid break policy
  • Auto-deduct break policy
  • Automatic break policy
  • Minimum break policy
  • California break policy

break policy template

Web: Company Setup Wizard

We have updated the Owner/Officer section to expand by default. We have also renamed the additional Owner/Officer field to avoid confusion over the primary owner versus the additional owner.

owner officer manager

Web: Setup – Security

The system automatically updates user roles after new features are added. The new options under each role will be on or off based on whether it was copied from another role or a new role is being created.

security roles

Web: Time Card Data Regeneration

Administrators can now restore an employee’s time card information, including entries made from mobile devices. Previously, administrators were able to do this with web-based punches and clocks, now they can regenerate mobile entries, too.

time card regeneration

Web: Report Writer

The report writer feature is now live. Users can now access the new report writer directly.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile – iOS Crash on Supervisor Approve Request Screen
  • Web – Benefits: “EmblemHealth” was misspelled
  • Web – Onboarding: Error on verification step and W4 PDF generation issue
  • Web – Onboarding: Skip the I9 verification issue when the ‘Enable Self Onboarding’ box is not checked
  • Web – Partner Program Portal: The total amount on the graph was not reflecting last quarter’s commission
  • Web – Partner Program Portal was not mobile-friendly. The responsive layout now rescales itself according to the device being used to view it
  • Web – Wrong employee’s anniversary reminder. The anniversary was showing as 0 anniversary for new employees
  • Web – Schedule email notification for open shifts is incorrect. We fixed the URL link.
  • Web – We adjusted the dates for a benefits end date on employee plan validation
  • Mobile – Android – The scroll bar now returns to the previous location on the Expense Request.
  • Mobile iOS and Android – Minor interface issues have been resolved in the Employee – Absence Request

Security Updates

We performed system security updates to mitigate risks and continue to keep our customers’ data safe.

Want to request a new feature?

Fingercheck built these software updates and new features based on your feedback. Want to request a feature or bug fix?

Log into your Fingercheck account, click on the megaphone symbol ? located on the upper right-hand side of the Fingercheck homepage, and you’ll be able to…

1️⃣ Read about upcoming Updates to the Fingercheck software,
2️⃣ Request new features for us to add to the Fingercheck software suite,
3️⃣ Up-Vote feature requests made by other Fingercheck customers. Requests with the highest votes will reach our development team first.

Our goal is to be your MVP. If you think of something that we can help you with, let us know.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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