There are two new updates on the FingerCheck mobile app for supervisors! By “Approve Requests” in the side menu, you’ll notice that a number will appear if you have any pending employee requests. And, if you use FingerCheck360 payroll, you can now download a PDF of all your payroll costs directly to your smartphone using Payroll Preview.

Approve Requests

Our requests feature is a great way for employees to send requests to supervisors, whether that be requesting time off, asking general questions, or giving updates. Now, we improved this feature by adding a numeric symbol to the side menu that shows you when you have a request and exactly how many you have waiting. No more ignored or unseen employee requests!

Payroll Preview

If you use FingerCheck360 Payroll, you can now download a PDF of your Payroll Preview costs directly to your smartphone. Payroll Preview is a feature we introduced online and on the mobile app earlier in the year. All your payroll information is broken down and organized in a compact, concise breakdown that fully informs you of the costs of your upcoming payroll and how the cash is being allocated, all before the payroll is even processed.

Our two latest updates to the mobile app are as convenient as they are functional! We hope you enjoy the new mobile app features.

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