The “New” Office – How Companies Will Make Them Safe

By Stefano Tromba
May 15, 2020

As lockdown restrictions loosen, businesses slowly (and cautiously) see employees return to the workplace.  Of course, the office employees left, won’t be the same they return to. Making the workplace safe and making employees feel safe, will require new office policies and rules to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Business owners, HR personnel, and management officials will be tasked to implement new safety measures that will become the new standard in this “new norm”.

Fingercheck, as always, is keeping pace with the latest tech to ensure office safety with the soon-to-released SMART AC1 – a new, touchless biometric time clock. This time clock, like others, will work like other, recording time punches, but takes a big step forward. It will also detect both body temperature and face mask usage of employees attempting to punch in. Using only their face, no fingerprints, the clock will only allow those with a normal temperature reading, (and those properly wearing a face mask) to punch in.  Anyone not meeting these requirements will be denied the ability to do so. Should that be the case, an alert is sent to an administrator who will be required to take action.

face id

This new, touchless time clock is aimed strictly at keeping employees safe, limiting the spread of germs while allowing healthy employees back to the workplace.

SMART AC1 Features Include:

  • Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition
  • Anti-Spoofing Algorithm against print attack, (laser, color & B/W photos) along with video and 3D masks.
  • Alternate Setting for Face/Fingerprint/Card/Password Verification
  • Recognition Ability of up to 2 feet.

To learn more about the new, SMART AC1 “touchless” time clock, watch our video or download our product sheet.

Want to Pre-Order?  Contact Fingercheck @ or call us: 1-800-610-9501

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