If you love biometric technology, you’ll love the newest update we’ve made to the FingerCheck Mobile App! You can now log into the mobile app with one touch using your fingerprint, a feature we have redesigned in order to give you speedy access to your FingerCheck mobile account.

Previously, only iPhone users had the option to use their fingerprint to sign in and were required to pre-select “Employee” or “Admin” before placing their fingerprint. Now, Android and Apple users can place their fingerprint and successfully log in with zero pre-selection required.

In order to use this feature, update the mobile app, and make sure your fingerprint is already enrolled on your phone. When you’re ready to use the app, log in the way you normally would.

Following that, you will be asked if you would like to enable fingerprint sign-in, which will prompt you to place your finger to activate the feature. (If the prompt does not appear, you can go to Settings on the mobile app and enable fingerprint sign-in manually).

The next time you log in, place your finger and you will be signed into the role you were logged in to when you enabled this feature.

If you ever wish to disable this feature or enable it for a different user or role, you can always go to the Settings on your mobile phone and enable or disable it for the user you are logged in as.

We know you’ve got a lot to do every day, and your convenience is our priority. That’s why we made this feature more efficient, speedy, and effortless so that you can do what you need to do sooner.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to your mobile experience. Let us know how you like this new feature by leaving us feedback on iTunes or on Google Play. As always, you can recommend new features by emailing Info@FingerCheck.com or calling 1-800-610-9501.

To download or update the app just click on the links below.

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