Pay On-Demand Feature Makes Any Day, A Payday

By Stefano Tromba
March 25, 2019

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most Americans struggling to make ends meet, that according to a CareerBuilder report, nearly 80%, live paycheck-to-paycheck. However, Fingercheck is changing that!

We have just launched the new,  “Pay On-Demand” feature, which will help reduce the number of financially strapped U.S. wage earners. The idea behind Pay On-Demand is to offer a modern payment solution that eliminates the typical, bi-monthly wait between payroll cycles that most employees are paid by. The Pay On-Demand feature lets employees request earned wages anytime, that once approved by their employer, are delivered to their account.

It solves the issue many, living paycheck to paycheck, face by keeping employees financially prepared for both unexpected and day-to-day living expenses”, says, Joel Kohn, Founder, and CEO of Fingercheck.  “On-Demand” features have entered just about every facet of daily life. You can order food from your phone, download your favorite TV show in a few seconds – so why not your paycheck?


Using the Pay On-Demand feature, an employee sends a request to withdraw earned pay. Once the request is made, a notification is sent to their employer to approve/reject. Once approved, Fingercheck, Pay On-Demand transfers the requested amount to the payment method on file for the employee – It’s that simple.

For instant access to wages, enrolled Pay On-Demand users, can have their withdrawal requests sync to our Debit Paycard and receive payments even faster. The Debit Paycard works seamlessly and in conjunction with the Pay On-Demand feature.

“It’s vital for any company to keep pace with how people and businesses work and interact with the rest of the world”, says Kohn.  He adds, “Our team is always looking for new, inventive ways our software can work for the employee while making small, mid-sized businesses more agile and able to compete”.

To enroll or learn more about Pay On-Demand, click here.

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