Workflows by Fingercheck gives administrators the tools necessary to streamline their day and take back the time they spend manually entering data. Workflows can be used for everything from employee surveys and uniform ordering to onboarding and certification verification.

Do you know the real cost behind human resources-related tasks for small businesses?

  • 40% of small business owners state that bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning their business.
  • 35% of an average HR team’s time is dedicated to payroll and error correction.
  • And another one-third of small businesses are punished by the IRS each year for payroll mistakes, at an average penalty of $875 (U.S.).

Workflow Automations from Fingercheck solves these problems by helping you automate repeatable business tasks, minimizing room for errors, and increasing overall efficiency.

What is a workflow?

Workflow automation is the modern way of completing human resources tasks. With workflow software, tasks move quickly because they are automated. 

Workflows by Fingercheck lets managers automate and structure repeatable tasks to help you make workflow without the manual overhead or massive paper trail. It also allows you to hold all employees accountable for those tasks by

  • Providing a trackable, system-based approach to data collection and multi-step processes.
  • Configuring templates to meet their needs with a flexible template editor and dynamic user data.
  • Inspiring creativity and innovation with universal system templates that admins can copy and tweak to their own specifications.
  • Viewing ongoing workflows, tracking completion progress, and updating an individual workflow with a workflow dashboard.

Using an automated workflow system helps minimize errors and increases overall efficiency.

Use workflows to reclaim your day

Workflows by Fingercheck helps you in several important ways. Automating tasks allows you and your team to increase both your efficiency and productivity, cut down on errors, and speed up your HR processes. 

Watch this video as a manager starts a workflow about food safety for employees. We also show one employee completing the workflow, which includes watching a short food safety video and taking a quiz about it.

What are the basic components of workflows?

Let us help you create automated solutions for your:

  • Notifications
  • Document management
  • Profile Management

With the Notifications feature, you can assign and set reminders to alert employees of tasks to complete and you can view their progress. For example, if you require your employees to participate in a food safety video, like in the example, you create a workflow for that task, then alert your employees to watch a video and complete a short automated quiz in the app. Then you are alerted to the task’s completion. 

Document Management allows you to format and create reports and store licenses and certifications for your employees in the secure cloud instead of a filing cabinet. 

The Profile Management feature in Workflows can be used as a tool to gather and update information about your employees.

Why is human resources workflow important to your small business?

If cutting expenses matters to your small business, then you need Workflows by Fingercheck now. With Fingercheck’s solution, small businesses can save money with HR automation by doing the following:

Hiring & Applicant Tracking

  • Keep job descriptions up-to-date
  • Track progress with hiring
  • Score resumes


  • Give access to apps and devices
  • Schedule new employee training
  • Record I-9 information in the HRIS or other data repository

Expense Management

  • Create a report, assign tasks and track progress from a dashboard
  • Collect data and documents
  • Move users through the expense management process

Employee Management

  • Quickly and accurately process adjustments to employee roles
  • Change company policies so your company doesn’t skip a beat
  • Capture employee info in seconds, including: COVID-19 vaccination status; IT assistance requests; Employee equipment requests, and Employee reviews.


  • Remove access to accounts and apps 
  • Update payroll and finance
  • Send alerts of any issues along the way

Labor costs comprise nearly all of the total costs related to the most common HR tasks. With Workflows, you get the ability to reduce or eliminate the time associated with performing these tasks and capture significant cost savings.

Let us help you do business better!

We want to save you time and money so you can focus on running your business. Workflows by Fingercheck is currently part of our Fingercheck 360 Plus product line. We would love for you to try it out and see how it can help you. 

Learn more about Workflows by Fingercheck

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