Introducing Fingercheck’s New Free Tax Calculator

By Katherine Muniz
May 17, 2018

Using Fingercheck’s new Tax Calculator, anyone can plug in their earnings and edit their tax withholding preferences to calculate how their gross earnings will be split between taxes and take-home pay.

It’s a great tool for those looking to understand exactly how their pay will be affected by the tax withholding, filing status, and exemptions they choose, as well as other factors like additional withholding, state, and local taxes.

Alternatively, it’s also useful for employers looking to determine how high to gross up a check in order to provide an employee with the correct take-home pay.

Check out the Free Payroll Tax Calculator

Or simply head to the footer on our website, where you’ll see Tax Calculator under Resources.

We’ve chosen to make this tool free and accessible to everyone because we believe in pay transparency, and equipping people with the insight needed to best manage their finances. If you think we’ve got it right, let us know in the comments below!

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