One of FingerCheck’s most innovative products is our FingerCheck Time Clock app, which turns Apple and Android tablets into fully functioning time clocks. While this time clock app was already designed with several useful features, it’s getting a functional update with the ability for employees to view and approve time cards right from the app.

Once the feature is enabled, employees will be able to view and approve their time cards whenever they pull up their profile. The Time Card opens to a visually appealing display that provides the employee’s total hours per pay period alongside a list of daily totals. They can tap any day to review the day’s total hours, punch times and punch details.

If the company has set up overtime and breaks, it will be displayed within the time card as well. Once in the time card, employees can easily navigate to any previous pay period to pull up their time entries. This allows the employee to always be on top of their time worked. Approving the time card is as simple as tapping the green Approve button, signing with your signature, and then tapping submit.

For security purposes, this feature can be enabled or disabled through the supervisor role the tablet is activated with. The FingerCheck Time Clock app is now more useful than ever, acting not only as a time clock but a catalog of time card data. Try our new feature and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment or sending us an email. If you already love the app, leave us a review on Google Play or iTunes!

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