Fingercheck Scores Big Once Again at the G2 Awards

By Emily Burch Harris
May 10, 2022

Fingercheck is paving the way for a truly innovative spring with industry awards and numerous new product innovation rollouts.

Fingercheck wants to help its customers run their businesses more efficiently. According to the recent G2 Spring Awards, users think Fingercheck is doing a great job.

G2, internationally recognized as the world’s most comprehensive software marketplace and review site, announced its award winners for the spring season. Fingercheck proudly claimed fifteen of those awards.

“I am very excited by our customers’ recognition,” says Joel Kohn, Fingercheck’s founder and CEO. “This recognition further cements our reputation as a standout in Payroll & HR software.”

G2’s awards are based on user reviews; this objective way of determining the award-winners gives true insight into which products customers genuinely value.

Fingercheck received awards across three categories — Small Business, Mid-Market, and Overall.

  • In the Small Business category, Fingercheck was awarded for Highest User Adoption, Best Support, High Performer, Easiest Setup, Fastest Implementation, and Easiest Admin.
  • In the Mid-Market category, Fingercheck was recognized as a leader for Best Support, Easiest Setup, High Performer, Fastest Implementation, Users Most Likely to Recommend, and Easiest to Do Business With.
  • In the Overall category, Fingercheck was named Momentum Leader, High Performer, and Leader.

G2’s recognition comes as Fingercheck launches new cutting-edge product innovations, such as:

  • Next-Day Direct Deposit
  • Advanced Employee Scheduling (for hourly employees)
  • Pay On-Demand (next day, no fees, no interest)
  • Workflows & HR Automation (automation for day-to-day HR processes & tasks)
  • Benefits Administration
  • And even more

“Our customers are part of the family. We are very pleased to provide payroll & HR software that helps them run their business more efficiently,” Kohn says. “We are also excited to announce two new levels of service for our customers. We are expanding our current standard all-in-one to include even more offerings and adding an entry package for smaller businesses. These will help our customers utilize just the features they need, no matter their company size.”

In 2013, Fingercheck launched with a simple idea: harness technology to help businesses run more efficiently. Fingercheck disrupted the Payroll, Scheduling, and Time and Attendance market by introducing the first app for hourly employers that seamlessly integrated with a full suite of biometric time clocks.

Fingercheck’s product innovations and attention to customer needs have since multiplied tenfold. Today, Fingercheck boasts an impressive user base of over 100,000 users who have come to rely on the HR platform’s dynamic features and exceptionally attentive service.

The G2 awards further illustrate that Fingercheck delivers, from a diverse collection of products to impeccable customer support.

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