Fingercheck360 online payroll offers employers many options for paying employees, including direct deposit, check, and paycards. While we’ve already written an article titled “Paycards 101,” concerns persist about the drawbacks of paycards. Today we are writing to address those concerns.

What are paycards?

Paycards provide many benefits for employees who are unbanked or underbanked – who don’t have or can’t get a traditional bank account. Essentially, paycards are reloadable debit cards that employers put wages onto, and are a commonly accepted payment instrument alongside other more traditional payment methods like checks and direct deposit. Employees can access the money from their paycheck by withdrawing their wages from an ATM or spending them using the card.

What is the drawback of paycards?

Some paycards are packed with fees that unfairly undercut employee wages. Here are common fees associated with payroll cards:

  • A monthly fee
  • A fee after a certain number of transactions
  • A fee for using the card at an ATM
  • A surcharge to the ATM owner
  • A POS fee for use at a point of sales such as a store
  • A fee for not using the card for a period of time (inactivity fee)
  • A fee to replace the card
  • A fee when funds are put on the card account (load fee)
  • A fee to get your money back by check if you don’t like the card

Obviously, the best paycards to look out for are those that aren’t limited by extensive fees and hidden costs. Here are five things to know about the paycard Fingercheck offers:

  • No monthly account maintenance fee
  • Free unlimited point of sale purchases including cash back at no charge
  • You’re entitled to your first bank teller withdrawal per pay period for free
  • You can check your paycard balance at any time by using a toll-free telephone balance inquiry service
  • Online bill pay at a merchant site is free

With our customers in mind, we’ve chosen a paycard that is packed with benefits, complimentary services, and fees at a reasonable price. If you’re interested in paying your employees using paycards, call us at 1-800-610-9501 or email us at

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