By: Katherine Muniz Jul 11, 2017

New: General Ledger Integration with Sage 50 (Peachtree)

As our platform grows more robust, we’re adding to the list of accounting softwares users can set up a general ledger to export their payroll costs to.

In addition to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, users that operate on Sage 50 (Peachtree) now also have the option to view their complete payroll costs in their company’s accounting.

Sage 50 is a widely used accounting software with a global impact, operating in 24 countries and used by millions of businesses around the world. If you use Sage 50’s accounting software, you can now run a detailed general ledger that imports the costs of your entire payroll from Fingercheck into Sage 50.

Each time you run payroll, you have the option of generating a General Ledger export file that breaks down your expenses and liabilities in detail for every check. 

If you’d like to setup an integration with Sage 50, simply provide your customer service rep with your chart of accounts and where you’d like to map each payroll item to and we can give you a full breakdown of your financial transactions.

All your expenses will be mapped to the correct items, and provide you with a ledger that records each of your transactions as credits and debits in order to give you a running activity total.

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Katherine is a New York-based digital writer who joined Fingercheck in 2015. She promotes Fingercheck through the power of the written word. She graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Communications and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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