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By Fingercheck Marketing
July 12, 2023

Add Shift Swap so your team can handle their schedules

Are you looking for a simple, effortless and more productive way of shift scheduling? With Fingercheck, any small business can use the power of automation to create and share employee schedules quickly and seamlessly.

No matter which sector you operate in, it’s important to have an organized schedule for your employees. Whether you run a restaurant, retail outlet, e-commerce store or construction business, you need a system to schedule your workforce more efficiently.

With our advanced Scheduling by Fingercheck, you can easily create, change and share work schedules with employees from your computer or phone. And, you can do all that in a matter of minutes.  Are you ready to sign up?

Move over manual schedules

Creating schedules the old-fashioned way — on paper — not only can be cumbersome, but it’s also grossly ineffective. It doesn’t take into account the fact that, well, shift scheduling can be fluid.

As any manager knows, an employee might get sick or might want to take a day off. Manually recording it, and notifying others is time-consuming. Similarly, when employees want to trade shifts, it can be challenging to find the correct manager to alert and get approval for the trade.

Fingercheck’s Scheduling solution changes all of that with a real-time app designed for small businesses to effectively handle their workers’ need for fluidity and find balance in covering shifts.

The next-generation scheduling platform

Business owners need intuitive and efficient scheduling solutions specifically built for their needs. Fingercheck’s advanced scheduling app offers a range of digital-first features to create and manage schedules with the power of automation. 

With Fingercheck, you can:

  • Add, copy, edit or delete work schedules from any device.
  • Send real-time alerts when changes are made.
  • Create and assign open shifts as needed.
  • Empower staff to manage their own shift swapping.

These features save you time and provide your team with the ability to adjust their schedules.

When your employees are able to find and track their own shift coverage, you don’t have to scramble for last-minute replacements.

Online scheduling tools that help employees see their work calendars, trade shifts and plan their time not only make life easier for employees, but also help managers and business owners. Tools that increase workplace morale can improve employee retention and improve worker-manager communications, too. 

What does it mean for me?

As managers and business owners know all too well, creating schedules can be a full-time job.

Not too long ago, paper schedules were common — posted weekly in the break room and then jotted down on scraps of paper. Employees would post notes or work the phone, begging their coworkers to trade shifts. Now, things are improved and easier with our software that both employers and employees can use. 

Employees can swap shifts in app

Our advanced scheduling option allows your employees to take open shifts, request coverage or trade shifts from their phones or other mobile devices.

Shift swap saves you time and cuts down on the stress associated with managing your team’s schedules.  Now you’ve put that power in their hands.

When you have a simple solution for your schedules, you don’t need to spend hours on them. Now, you can create schedules and assign and adjust hours with drag-and-drop shifts. And, when you find the “best” schedule, you can copy and reuse it.

Our app was designed with efficient time management in mind. Fingercheck allows you to manage employees’ hours and effortlessly approve time-off requests quickly, from any location.  This helps you minimize errors and ensure proper staffing for your business at all times.

With enhanced communication methods, including SMS text alerts, you benefit from both schedule transparency and up-to-date notifications. With Fingercheck, you can share schedules and reminders with your team and be notified when they confirm their schedules.

An easy-to-use scheduling platform for small businesses

Fingercheck is designed for small businesses. It comes with an intuitive and easy interface. You can effortlessly schedule shifts, open time slots, take requests for trades and covers, and notify employees when you make shift scheduling changes

Fingercheck also automatically synchronizes with attendance, time and payroll functionalities. This saves you not just time but also money since you don’t have to rely on accountants.

What’s the greatest benefit of Fingercheck for small business owners? This advanced scheduling platform allows you to automate mundane chores like shift scheduling and focus on the core areas of your business such as generating and converting leads, product development, marketing and customer service.

Scheduling by Fingercheck gives you back your most important resource — time. Contact us today to find out how we can take your shift scheduling to the next level.

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