How to Win a Great Candidate Who’s Considering Multiple Job Offers

By Katherine Muniz
April 6, 2017

Conducting a rigorous job search is exhausting but well worth the effort once you’ve found your perfect candidate. However, nothing complicates the hiring process quite like the introduction of a new job offer. All of a sudden, the roles are reversed, and you’re the one in the spotlight.

If you want to win this candidate, consider what’s at stake. Does the competition’s offer outweigh your own? Are you able and willing to offer more than they can?  If you can’t afford a higher salary, is there anything else you can bring to the table to give yourself an edge?

In order to win a great candidate, you’ll need to act quickly. To help, we’ve put together a list of important considerations to make:

First things first

Have you conducted the initial stages of interviewing with care? Hopefully, you’ve discussed salary requirements and must-haves early on during the hiring process. Capture their interest by making it known that you are a competitive firm that values finding top talent, and address how you can meet their expectations in terms of salary, benefits, and other perks

Make the offer quick

Once you’ve decided that this candidate stands head and shoulders above the rest, don’t dawdle. The longer you take to make an offer, the more time the candidate has to job seek and entertain other opportunities. After you’ve arrived at a decision, make the offer fast, and do some market research to ensure the salary you offer is competitive.

Assess the other offer

When you find out there’s another offer on the table, ask for details about the other position and job offer (without grilling the candidate). Find out what they like and dislike about the job opportunity, and consider how you compare. Formulate a plan of action by reflecting on what you can offer that beats the other opportunity.

  • Make a Counter-Offer Present an offer tailored to their most valued job benefits and close the deal. There are so many deciding factors that go into accepting a job offer, such as the salary, the benefits, the company culture, the commute, the flexibility, the work environment, and the work itself. Find out what their deciding factors are, and focus on fulfilling those factors.
  • Close the deal Give the candidate the royal treatment by inviting them to lunch and giving a grand tour of the office. Give them a taste of what working for your company is like, and be sure to shine a light on the most favorable aspects of the work environment they can look forward to being part of, whether it be the sleek design, the staff areas for relaxing, or the amazing people.

If you feel you need to have this professional as part of your team, reinforce your sentiments with the best offer you can present. At the end of the day, that’s all you can do. If things don’t work out, don’t give up on finding the superstar your company needs. Hopefully, you’ve learned from the experience and know what you will and won’t compromise on.

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