10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work

By Katherine Muniz
October 26, 2017

According to a 2015 Harris Poll, Halloween is the third most favorite holiday among U.S. adults, with Christmas and Thanksgiving coming in first and second place, respectively. Whether it’s the allure of dressing up as someone else, the magic and mischief of the holiday, or the ghoulish atmosphere, when it comes to Halloween, adults are just as excited to celebrate as kids.

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to celebrate Halloween at work, here are ten festive ideas that will excite and engage your employees:

Hold a costume party

Playoff the spirit of the holidays by holding a “best dressed” Halloween party. In a setting that usually demands professionalism, your employees will be excited to break the mold and transform themselves for the occasion. Award the standout costumes in different categories, such as best transformation, funniest costume, scariest costume, most creative costume, etc.

Carve pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween activity that will provide a creative outlet for your employees, especially those who have never had the opportunity to do so before. Announce that the company will be hosting a pumpkin carving event with all the pumpkins, carving tools, and stencils/templates provided by the company. Encourage picture taking and allow others to observe your fun company culture.

Have a Halloween-themed photo booth

On that note,  a company photo booth is a very profitable move if you’re interested in organically marketing your company’s culture. Whether you can afford to have a professional photo booth, or simply order your own backdrop and improvise with fun props, employees will have a blast taking photos and sharing them on social media.

Play games

Depending upon the time you’ve slotted for your company’s Halloween festivities, you can organize a roster of Halloween games that range from simple to complex. There are less intricate games, like guessing games. For instance, you can fill a jar with candy and ask employees to guess how many candies there are – whoever wins, gets a prize. If you have more time to dedicate, you can arrange a murder mystery game or any of these ideas.

Themed music

Allow your workers to be pleasantly surprised when they come into the office on Halloween and hear their favorite Halloween songs playing in the background. You’d be surprised how much difference music can make in the ambiance of your office. Even if you’re only setting out a bowl of candy and curating a musical playlist, the atmosphere will be much more festive.

Have a Halloween potluck

Invite your employees to bring in their favorite spooky treats for a Halloween spin on a potluck. Your team members will each feel responsible for helping make the day a success. Not only will they begin contemplating what they’ll bring, but they’ll also mostly turn to their neighbor to swap ideas. Everyone will participate, you don’t break the bank, and you have a more diverse array of food.

Have a Horror Movie Marathon

Again, this suggestion will depend on how much time you’re allotting for Halloween festivities. However, if you are okay with your employees taking a break from their desk and watching a scary movie (or two or three), you’re guaranteed to go down as one of the most fun and celebratory workplaces in the history books. Be sure to stock up on spooky snacks!

Put a contest spin on anything you can imagine

Take, for instance, pumpkin carving. One great way to encourage easy team-building is to split the office into teams and have each pick a random face out of a hat (i.e. a bat, skull, etc.) to carve. Working in teams, your employees have until 30 or 60 minutes to make the best version of what they pulled. The winners receive a prize (like a paid lunch).

Have a decorating contest

Challenge your employees to a workspace decorating contest. Provide each team member with an allowance to help fund their projects, and watch them get crafty. On Halloween, inspect their desks and appoint a winner.

Allow employees to leave early

On a festive holiday like Halloween, employees are always anxious to begin celebrating with their children, friends, or family. How great a boss would you be if you let them leave work early? Whether or not they have kids to take trick or treating or a party to attend, employees will definitely feel the spirit of the holiday.

Halloween is meaningful for many people and is beloved by people of all ages. It’s the perfect opportunity to make the workplace more dynamic, lively, and engaging.

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