By: Stefano Tromba Jul 08, 2019

NEW! Facial Verification Feature Released on Mobile App!


Fingercheck’s new facial verification feature raises the bar on security and convenience for employees and employers. This new feature for Fingercheck mobile app users utilizes Amazon Rekognition technology. It’s reliability and accuracy is stellar and why Fingercheck has implemented this cutting edge technology into our platform.

“When it comes to technology, we always make the necessary updates and improvements to give our users the best available product”, says Fingercheck CEO, Joel Kohn. “We’re always seeking new ways to elevate our platform and keep clients at forefront of modern workforce technology”.

The new facial verification feature eliminates “buddy punching“, a common practice amongst employees that costs US employers over $370,000,000 annually. Face verification stops that entirely making it mandatory for employees to use facial verification to punch in and out directly from the mobile app.  This new feature can analyze attributes such as open or closed eyes, mood, hair color, as well as the visual geometry of a face. These detected attributes cross reference an uploaded profile image – of an employee – to verify his or her identity when opening the app to punch in and out. After successfully doing so, their employer (or supervisor) will receive an alert.

Facial verification capabilities are becoming more common in today’s modern workforce and this new feature will better secure and maintain worktime scheduling for small to-midsized business.


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