By: Stefano Tromba Apr 01, 2019

Data Collection Made Easy With Custom Fields Feature

Managing daily HR tasks can be time-consuming and often difficult to keep up with. You’re constantly dealing with and updating company policies, as well as, dealing with employee-related issues that seem never-ending. Add to that, sourcing a new hire for an open position, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

However, with so much data you’ll need to collect, having a single platform to unify and bring together all your HR-related documents is easier than you think. Helping with that is Fingercheck’s newly developed custom fields feature that is designed, like everything else we do, to make work-life easier!

Custom fields offer you the ability to create and set-up data collection that is specific to your needs and your company. It’s simple to set up and create any type of custom field – whether its a text box or checkbox. This feature enables you to keep records of items that have been submitted – whether its a company handbook, updated licenses/certificates, certifications, etc. Custom fields can be shown on up to 4 modules: HR view, self-onboarding, onboarding, and the employee’s view.

This feature is just one feature that is part of Fingercheck’s ever-expanding HR management platform that lets you easily navigate and analyze data. Other features include:

  • HR Concierge
  • Document Uploads
  • Date Tracking and Reminder Alerts
  • Incident Reporting
  • Time off policies and PTO Requests
  • Online Employee Directory
  • License Membership Renewals
  • Employee Reviews
  • Training & Certificate Management and more!

Stefano is a seasoned marketing professional and writer with diverse industry experience. Born and raised in NYC, he holds a Journalism degree from Queens College, and is currently the Head of Marketing at Fingercheck.

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