Fingercheck offers State Tax Registration with CorpNet.

Fingercheck is proud to help you with your state business tax registration needs, whether you have one or multiple locations. Our new partnership with CorpNet provides our clients with a fast and smooth Payroll Tax Registration process. Our specialists manage the process of registering your new business for State Unemployment Insurance Tax (SUI) and State Income Tax (SIT), so you can start paying your employees in no time.

What is state tax registration?

All new companies must register their business with their state tax agencies before processing their first payroll. If you are paying employees in multiple states, you must register with each state separately. Fingercheck and CorpNet offer payroll registration in all 50 states. Once registered, you will receive a tax account number that will allow Fingercheck to withhold payroll taxes, file your tax forms, and make tax payments on your behalf.

Why use a payroll tax registration expert?

We know the rules, inside and out. By partnering with Fingercheck and CorpNet, we can help you avoid: 

  • Delays in processing your payroll
  • Confusion surrounding payroll tax rules and regulations
  • Tedious paperwork that takes you away from starting your business
  • Rules about “out-of-state” employees 

Helping you and your team is our top priority. Fingercheck and CorpNet take the guesswork out of registering for a new state tax ID for business owners. We want the process to be correct, efficient, and fast so that you can begin processing payroll.

Do you need a State Tax ID? 

State Tax IDs are a legal requirement for hiring and paying employees in the United States. Additionally, to avoid government fines and be prepared for audits, businesses must track and report all payroll taxes. 

There are two ways to register for your State Tax ID.  You can register through our trusted partner, CorpNet, to help ensure that all of your paperwork and filings are legally compliant, or you may file yourself. 

CorpNet automates and processes the state tax registration on your behalf. Self-registration puts the work onto your shoulders, on top of running your business. Did you know that incorrect Payroll Tax Registrations can delay or prevent payroll processing? And that can leave the business owner and their employees frustrated, stressed out, and unhappy.

State tax registration service

CorpNet can help your business register for a State Tax account, which will save you time in researching state requirements, filing paperwork, and dealing with your state’s administration office. CorpNet can quickly register your new business for state payroll taxes. CorpNet’s specialists manage the process of registering your new business for State Unemployment Insurance Tax (SUI) and State Income Tax (SIT), allowing you to pay your employees easily using Payroll by Fingercheck.

CorpNet can help your company get up and running quickly. Their experts can file your state tax registration and payroll tax registration for you. You don’t have to worry about setting up State Unemployment Insurance Tax (SUI) or State Income Tax (SIT) when we handle the paperwork for you. Instead, you can focus on running and growing your new business.

corp net instruction

To get started, go to your Fingercheck app, select Setup from the menu, then navigate to Payroll, then Tax Work Locations and Select Register for a State Tax ID. When you click the blue button, you will be sent to CorpNet’s secure registration site.

Self-registration for payroll taxes

State tax registrations can be a long and tedious process, that’s why we’ve partnered with CorpNet to assist with the arduous tax registration process.  If you choose to register yourself, then we have the contact information available for you in Fingercheck’s Knowledge Base divided into geographical areas.

Once you have registered and received your State Tax ID, then you must enter it into Fingercheck and upload the documentation. 

Connecting your registration with Fingercheck

Once you have submitted your tax work locations in Fingercheck, then you must complete the tax ID registration process in Fingercheck. 

  1. After registering with your state, you will receive a tax account number and tax rate via one of the following methods: online, email, or regular mail. 
  2. Enter the Withholding Tax ID and Unemployment Tax ID by navigating to Setup > Payroll > Tax Jurisdictions and locating the corresponding jurisdictions for the state.
  3. Submit the corresponding tax documents which contain your Tax ID and Unemployment Tax Rates by using the Submit Notices button located in the Tax Jurisdiction.
    • Please note: Tax ID numbers and unemployment tax rates must be submitted as soon as possible. Failure to do so will delay tax payments/filings and may lead to unavoidable fees. 
  4. Sign a state Power of attorney (POA) form which can be found as a pending task on your dashboard. If you added the work location in the company setup wizard, then please disregard this step as the POAs have already been signed.

Fingercheck will begin to file taxes once the first payroll is processed and all Tax ID numbers have been received.

If you have questions about CorpNet or state tax registration, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or by using our in-app messaging Service Desk by logging into our secure site and initiating a conversation.

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