By: Stefano Tromba Nov 18, 2019

Here’s Why End-of-Year is the Best Time to Switch Payroll Providers

Face it, there’s a ton of reasons to change payroll providers – bad service, lack of integration, you may even be overpaying! But fear not – now (year-end) is the perfect time to switch payroll providers. Let’s explore why.

It’s a Clean Slate

Changing payroll providers in the New Year lets you operate on a clean slate. There are (ideally) no carryovers from the previous year to file or rectify so your new payroll service can hit the ground running!

In contrast, switching mid-year can be a bit more complicated. A mid-year switch can bring up questions as to whether the former or current payroll provider is responsible for certain tasks. Your new service may also need information from your old provider in order to complete payroll or quarterly taxes.

Prepare For the Switch

Switching payroll providers end-of-year is a stress-free option. But don’t forget to take care of a few vital tasks before you do:

  • Have copies of all your financial records from your former payroll company; such as employee information and tax records.
  • Have your most recent quarterly filings for your new provider to verify your legal company information.

Thanks should do it! Thanks for reading, and remember that Fingercheck, in addition, payroll, offers time & attendance and HR services for one low, monthly price – regardless of how often you process payroll. So, if you’re considering making a switch in the new year, now’s the time to do it!

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Stefano is a seasoned marketing professional and writer with diverse industry experience. Born and raised in NYC, he holds a Journalism degree from Queens College, and is currently the Head of Marketing at Fingercheck.

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