Get Your Dates Straight

By Emily Burch Harris
April 5, 2022

At Fingercheck, we know how busy we are and we can only imagine how busy you are, too. Running a successful business is a balancing act, and staying on top of all of the key dates that come with it – tax deadlines, performance evaluations, filings – can seem like another job entirely.

It’s no secret: most of those HR compliance checklists don’t work for most small businesses because managers are busy. Who needs a compliance “guide” stuffed with confusing tax forms? Nobody.

That’s why we created Fingercheck’s 2022 HR Compliance Calendar for small businesses with hourly workers and essential employees. Our free tool helps you stay on top of these dates. You can download the calendar right now. Once you’ve done that, follow the prompts and watch as the 2022 HR Compliance Calendar populates into your current calendar — iCalendar, Google Calendar or Outlook.

The HR Compliance Calendar is another example of Fingercheck demonstrating its core benefit to our buyers:

  • Mobility: The Compliance Calendar is built for business owners like you — people on the move. You might be dashing between the back office and the check-out counter. That’s why the Compliance Calendar and the great information it provides is key. It links seamlessly to both your desktop and mobile calendar apps, giving you alerts about important dates and deadlines.
  • Flexibility: The Compliance Calendar is built for small business owners who employ hourly workers. Maybe you’re running your business from your dining room table or maybe you’re in an office. Either way, The Compliance Calendar helps you do business better and never miss a tax deadline.
  • Reliability: The Compliance Calendar was designed with you in mind, and that’s why it’s full of simple, straightforward reminders on key dates important for your firm to remember.

Once installed, Fingercheck’s 2022 HR Compliance Calendar will send you an alert about key filing deadlines that your company cannot afford to miss. Our calendar includes notifications about important filing dates and holidays for your firm, as well as comprehensive compliance tips with information on:

  • ACA compliance
  • State and Federal tax deadlines
  • Payroll processing deadlines
  • Common U.S. holidays

Download Fingercheck’s 2022 HR Compliance Calendar now. Let us help you do business better.

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