A Portable Construction Time Clock

A Reliable Restaurant Time Clock

Whether you’re running a local restaurant or a national chain, FingerCheck’s payroll software can accommodate your needs and makes it easy for you to keep track of your employees. With time clock software just as dynamic as your workforce, you can rely on FingerCheck’s automated timekeeping to track your complex operations and simplify your payroll process.

Working in the food service industry, managers often face unique challenges like paying employees across different departments, jobs, and shifts. FingerCheck’s customizable job costing allow employees to move from job to job, accurately calculating their rates based on the cost center levels they select through the day. Major benefits of our versatile time clock software over traditional methods include eliminating time abuses such as buddy punching and simplifying payroll with time tracking that is always accurate. You’ll save time and money with our cloud-based restaurant employee clock system.

How to Use Our Restaurant Attendance System

Employee management is simple with FingerCheck. Our restaurant attendance system can be accessed with varying levels of authority depending upon the login each user is assigned – administrator, supervisor, and employee.

Employees with self-service can use FingerCheck to make time off requests, view their schedules, and review their time worked. Multi-level job costing ensures job recording is always accurate so employee paychecks always reflect time worked appropriately.

Administrators have full access to the software and can grant supervisors certain role rights that allow them to access restricted areas of the site. Using FingerCheck’s customizable software, administrators can create policies that regulate break time, overtime, and paid time off with the rules and conditions they want.

They can also log in and see who is working at any given time, review and approve timesheets, and run reports to analyze time attendance information. These reports can be used to identify and make informed decisions on staffing, overtime costs, and labor law compliance.

How Construction Site Job Clocks Work

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