By: admin Oct 27, 2014

TA200+ – Fingerprint Time Clock


$600.00 $579.00

The TA200+ fingerprint time clock is one of Fingercheck’s most popular and requested time clocks, with RFID optional clocking methods, POE capabilities, and 10,000 fingerprint templates.



The TA200+ is one of three versions of the TA200+ fingerprint time clock series offered by Fingercheck, a web-based time and attendance management platform. Due to their sturdy construction, the TA200+ devices are quite popular and their durability makes them a great option for use in all conditions. The TA200+ time clock is one of the options employees can use to clock in within FingerCheck. Other methods include a web browser portal, a mobile time clock app with GPS tracking, SMS text, and more.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • RFID Card or PIN Clock In
  • 10,000 Fingerprint Templates
  • 10,000 RFID Card Templates
  • Plug ‘N Play Internet Ready
  • POE – Power over Ethernet
  • Large Color Display
  • DHCP or Static Connections
  • Accepts Offline Punches
  • Large Color Display
  • Displays Employee Photo
  • Work Code Enabled
  • Keeps Data When Power Down
  • Push Technology for Real-Time Data

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