Face ID – Facial Recognition Time Clock


The Face ID online time clock is a facial recognition touch screen time clock equipped with high-quality infrared cameras that scan facial features for identity verification, offering employees who work with their hands a hands-free way of punching in.



The Face ID Online Time Clock is a facial recognition time clock offered by FingerCheck, a web-based time and attendance management software. Ideal for professionals who work with their hands, the Face ID is a contactless biometric solution that serves as a high-tech alternative to manual punching. Using high-quality infrared cameras, the device scans facial features for identity verification, allowing employees to clock in or out effortlessly with just one look. Whether it’s construction or the food industry, there are some jobs that are very hands-on. Our Face ID Online Time Clock is the perfect device for these professionals.

  • Biometric Facial Recognition
  • RFID Card/PIN Clock In
  • Real-Time Data with Push Technology
  • 10,000 RFID Card Templates
  • 400 Facial Templates
  • Plug ‘N Play Internet Ready
  • Touch Screen
  • DHCP or Static Connections
  • Accepts Offline Punches
  • Work Code EnabledKeeps Data When Power Down