Why you need Next-Day Pay

By Fingercheck Marketing
February 16, 2023

Imagine this: It’s the close of the business day, your payroll manager is on vacation, and you forgot to run payroll for the week. What do you do?

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You value your team and know the importance of getting everyone paid on time, but mistakes happen. 

Maybe you missed payroll because you’re waiting on a client to pay you, leaving your business with insufficient funds for payroll. Or maybe there was a problem with your internal process; maybe the person responsible for processing payroll had an emergency and overlooked the deadline; maybe the system you use for processing employees’ hours was down; maybe a holiday threw off your regular schedule. Whatever the case, late payments to employees can hurt your business. 

Payroll by Fingercheck offers you a modern solution. As soon as you onboard your second employee, it’s time to add a payroll solution. Why? Payroll can be confusing and frustrating.

According to Bloomberg Business:

  • 63% of small and mid-sized business owners (SMBs) handle payroll themselves.
  • 65% of SMBs would rather not handle payroll themselves.
  • 63% of SMBs spend an average of three weeks each year handling payroll themselves. 

More than half of all SMB owners say payroll is frustrating, complicated and confusing. This means they find a vendor to provide relief instead of tackling payroll manually. And we’re their solution, especially if they’ve missed the payroll deadline. If you’re looking for a better way, let’s talk!

How does Next-Day Pay work?

Next-Day Pay with Fingercheck is a convenient way to get your team paid faster. 

Our Next-Day Pay feature makes running a missed payroll easy. Log into your Fingercheck account, submit your payroll by 6:15 p.m. EST, and your employees will be paid the next day. There is a small service charge for the benefit of Next-Day Pay, and terms and conditions apply.

Step 1:  Log in to your Fingercheck account and head to your payroll dashboard. You’ll receive a pop-up prompt the next time you log into your dashboard after you’ve missed the deadline. The pop-up prompt will offer you two options: Process Payroll Next-Day and Change Check Date.

Step 2:  If you choose Process Payroll Next-Day and your account qualifies for Next-Day Pay, you’ll be prompted to use Next-Day Payroll. This service will cost you $150, and you must agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.

That’s it! You now can access the Next-Day feature and pay your employees on time without worrying about missing the deadline. You also can upgrade to the 360 Plus plan to use the Next-Day Pay feature at no additional cost.

Benefits of Next-Day Pay

Hiring and employee retention are among the biggest challenges for companies of all sizes. Small businesses have been hit especially hard, particularly those in the retail and food service industries. So missing a payroll won’t help you keep your team happy or their morale high. 

Next-Day Pay can help you:

  • Recover from missed payroll deadlines.
  • Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.
  • Save money on wiring costs.
  • Stay compliant with state regulations.

Cash flow is especially important for Millennial and Gen-Z workers, many of whom report living paycheck to paycheck. And salary is a top reason employees of all ages leave their jobs. Next-Day Pay can help you retain your team. 

Note that not all accounts offer the Next-Day pay feature. If your account qualifies for this service, you’ll be able to run payroll up to one business day before the check date. If you’d like to upgrade, contact us today.

Why work with Fingercheck?

We know that small businesses face unique challenges because we are a small business, too. Your business needs payroll, scheduling, time tracking and employee management solutions that work for you. Want to see how we can help you? Let’s chat!

Our platform is modern, reliable and easy to use, so you can spend less time on administrative work and more time growing your business and serving your customers. 

We save you time and money. We also make sure that your payroll meets federal and state tax regulations, and that saves you from stress. Contact us today to learn more about Next-Day Pay or our other Payroll features, including Pay Cards, Pay On-Demand and even payroll financing. 

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