How Fingercheck’s Analytics Can Help Grow Your Business

As a small business owner, you know the pains of juggling payroll with growing your business. On average, this task can eat up weeks of your year, leaving you less time to focus on what really matters. 

But what if there was a way to streamline your operations while gaining valuable insights into your company’s financial data?

You can do just that with Fingercheck’s new Payroll Trends Dashboard and Analytics. Say goodbye to tedious manual payroll tasks and hello to a better way of managing your business finances.

Identify valuable payroll trends with Fingercheck

With Fingercheck’s Payroll Analytics, small business owners can transform payroll management. Our new dashboard provides real-time data on gross wages, deductions, taxes, and hours and offers a range of grouping and filtering options.

Now you can quickly identify mistakes, monitor overtime trends, and track payroll costs all in one place. 

Plus, you can easily visualize data in graphs or tables, select date ranges, and export data in PDF or CSV formats.

You’ll be able to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and save valuable time. With a clear and concise overview of your payroll data, you’ll be equipped to make more informed decisions and optimize your business operations for greater success.

Payroll Analytics

Payroll Analytics shows users trends.

Make informed decisions with actionable payroll analytics

By leveraging Fingercheck’s Payroll Analytics, small business owners can easily identify areas where they may be overspending. 

For instance, you can quickly detect a significant increase in overtime expenses and take corrective action by reallocating labor or adjusting tasks to prevent further financial strain. This helps businesses optimize their operations and make informed decisions based on data insights.

Insights into overtime and attendance trends will also help business owners identify where employees may either be overworked or underperforming. And with that information, they can create schedules that allow the business to save money and maximize growth.

Proactively uncover hidden payroll errors and opportunities

Another benefit of Payroll Analytics is the ability to quickly identify errors, such as:

  • Incorrect pay rates
  • Missed deductions
  • Incorrect tax withholdings

Real-time analytics also offers insights into payroll costs, which includes salaries, benefits and taxes. Having this insight helps business owners see where labor costs are higher than expected and then pivot to fix those areas.

Payroll errors can be costly for small businesses, with data from the IRS indicating that one-third of them make such mistakes. These errors can result in penalties that average $875, and they may even lead to more significant issues down the line. 

Fortunately, Fingercheck’s Analytics can help you proactively identify these errors so that you can correct them quickly, minimizing any potential damage to your business.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today so Fingercheck can streamline your day!

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, the Fingercheck Payroll Trends Dashboard is the perfect tool for streamlining the payroll processes and gaining valuable insights into your company’s financial data. 

Try it today and experience the power of Fingercheck!

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