Social Distancing From the Office – Not Work

By Stefano Tromba
March 23, 2020

Social distancing has become a popular term these days, and by now, most of your office is likely working from home. And of course, it is, the COVID-19 crisis is touching all aspects of mainstream society including how we work. As a response, many companies are heeding the mandate from the local and federal government and allowing a percentage of their workforce to work remotely until the crisis is under control.

Now, if your small business doesn’t have a great deal of experience with remote work, there are a number of key things to consider when setting remote work protocols. You’ll be under strict time constraints when it comes to putting together an action plan, so think about ways to leverage the tools and the technology you already have in place.

Many offices currently use instant messaging platforms such as Slack, which prove to be a valuable resource when your workforce isn’t physically present. Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing service platform providing just that. It combines, video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

So those are just some common tools to use but what about you? What can you do? Here are some good rules of thumb that will keep you on track.

Stay Productive

Replicate your office experience as closely as you can at home. Structure your day exactly as you would a workday, starting, taking lunch/breaks, and signing off around the same time you normally would. Set up your workspace in a similar fashion, eat the same kinds of snacks, and check your email after hours the same way you would on office days. Also, restrict TV and the temptation of checking social media.

Maintain Communication

Sure, being stuck at home has its drawbacks but if you miss the everyday banter you have with fellow employees, check-in with them. See how there are doing and that will help. Remember, successfully working remotely requires a high level of attentiveness to communication, much more than in a face-to-face environment.

Make Yourself a Priority

It’s important to remain physical every day, preferably doing something to improve your posture because you’re likely sitting a lot more than you were before in your office. Also, don’t skip taking a lunch break. Set work aside for a little while to eat food while you’re away from your computer. A break is good for your eyes and more importantly your sanity.

As we all work through this difficult time these tips will serve you and your company well as we move forward in a changing workforce landscape.

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