Remote work, payroll and time tracking: What you need to know

By Fingercheck Marketing
May 18, 2023

The adage “time is money” holds true in business. 

As a small business owner, you know how much your business makes daily because you keep accurate accounting records and you track your finances closely. But if you’re not tracking time with the same intensity, you’re not getting the full picture of your finances. 

After all, time is money — are you making every second count?

For many small businesses, time tracking is a major bottleneck in an already complicated process of data collection and management. But you can avoid the challenges associated with capturing and reporting your team’s work hours by investing in a robust payroll and time-tracking solution. 

Fingercheck’s Time & Attendance software offers a simple yet reliable time clock and time-tracking solution to help you efficiently manage your employees’ time. Our time-tracking solution provides you with all the time data you need to make critical business decisions. 

Those numbers can help you predict workforce demand, improve productivity, create accurate estimates, enhance collaboration with remote workers and monitor everything through reports.

Why use attendance & time-tracking software?

Time tracking has been practiced since ancient times but has evolved tremendously thanks to time-tracking software and applications. 

We’re fortunate to be living in an era when time-tracking technology has simplified and revolutionized many complex workflows connected to timesheet compliance, such as payroll, attendance and billing functions. 

Time tracking provides many benefits to business owners. Here are some statistics about time management that show how using time-tracking software improves employee productivity, enables better business decisions and creates a positive work environment. 

Only 20% of the total time on a workday is spent on crucial tasks

It can be quite distressing for employers to realize that 80% of their workday is spent doing tasks that generate no revenue.  

Additionally, less than 1 in 5 people (18%, to be specific) don’t have proper time-management systems like to-do lists or time-tracking apps. 

With time-tracking software, employers can organize task allocation, calendars and job schedules. Managers can monitor and accurately record the estimated time for each project. Moreover, everyone on the team —  working remotely or on site — can access that data, fostering transparency and accountability. 

20-30% of a company’s revenue is lost through inefficient time management

Almost a third of a company’s revenue is lost through inefficient time-management practices. 

Without a time-tracking system, senior staff do things they shouldn’t while employees engage in tasks that don’t add value to the business. In fact, studies have shown that 64% of sales representatives working hours are spent doing things that aren’t related to sales and marketing. 

With a time-tracking system in place, employees will be more inclined to engage in productive activities because they know they’re being monitored. Additionally, using time management software allows businesses to make more accurate estimates for project and budget completion. 

Multitasking without time tracking decreases productivity by 45%

Workflow automation has allowed employees to multitask effortlessly and achieve more in less time. However, if multitasking is done without tracking time, productivity decreases by a staggering 45%, according to a 2019 Tempos report. 

Multitasking can cause anxiety and stress among employees. They may be unable to complete their work, which leads to incomplete or weak reports. Time-tracking software provides managers with data about employees’ clocking hours, allowing them to know how much time employees have worked. 

Benefits of Time Tracking by Fingercheck

Our time-tracking software has been designed to help you track your employees’ time and manage their attendance from anywhere. We’ve combined our tracking software with the latest time clock technology, offering businesses unrivaled mobility for time tracking. 

When dealing with remote workers, Fingercheck ensures your workers’ hours are tracked correctly to provide correct attendance for payroll. 

With the Fingercheck Time Tracking platform, your employees can seamlessly clock in and out remotely from anywhere. Additionally, you’ll be able to capture the cost of every job, including workers’ compensation and taxes, on our mobile app. 

Key benefits of Time Tracking by Fingercheck include the ability to:

  • Place your time clock on Android and iPhone smartphones, iPad kiosks, computers and POS devices
  • Create geofencing rules to prevent workers from clocking in outside their work location.
  • Manage remote employees with our mobile time clocks, built-in messaging, alerts and reminders.
  • Use GPS alongside photos to confirm who is clocking in and where they are.
  • Clock in and out with PIN, SMS, fingerprint, card, facial recognition or Twitter.

See how Fingercheck helps your business

Our goal is to help you grow your business by automating your time-tracking processes. Want to give Time Tracking by Fingercheck a try? Sign up here or contact us to learn more about Fingercheck and how it can benefit your business. 

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