5 Reasons Automating Payroll Is Crucial For Business Success!

By Fingercheck
June 26, 2018

Let’s face it—if you’ve been preparing your payroll by hand all this time, it can be really difficult to “let go” and trust an app. However, automated human resources software has become very sophisticated and intuitive in recent years, so there’s nothing to fear.

In addition, utilizing services like an automated payroll system can give your business a crucial advantage over competitors. Here are the top five reasons you should take the leap today:

1. Automated Payroll Leaves You With More Time To Focus On Your Business.

Manual payroll is a significant time drain, filled with collating spreadsheets, making endless calculations, and signing checks. When you figure in factors like vacations, over-time, double-time, bonuses, and so on—it’s a lot to keep track of!

An automated payroll system, such as the one Fingercheck provides, streamlines this process for you immensely. Whether your company has 5 or 100 employees, payroll can be generated within minutes—giving you peace of mind and extra time to either reinvest in your business or to simply give you some R&R.

2. Save More Money!

Even if you currently have an accountant to handle payroll, you have to ask yourself the hard question: if an app can do much of this work for me for a fraction of the cost, should I consider it?

Again: it may not initially be the easiest decision for you to make, especially if you come from a more traditional workplace. But in this ever-changing—and ever more competitive—business landscape, shouldn’t you engage every opportunity to get ahead of the curve? As automated payroll solutions become more and more the norm, you don’t want to be left out.

3. Maintain More Accuracy In Your Paperwork.

Anybody who has a business knows just how important maintaining accurate employee records can be. Timesheets, rates, deductions, special tax considerations…if you mess this up, you may be hearing it not only from your workers but Uncle Sam as well!

That is why automated HR systems like the Fingercheck app are a breath of fresh air. In short: let the software “worry” about it!  Data which would take up tons of files on your computer, or that of your HR manager, can be automatically organized, accessed, and archived. Computations and deductions are instantly and accurately performed, providing your employees with error-free paychecks.

4. It’s A Win-Win Solution For Both You And Your Employees.

The decision to switch to automated payroll and other services is not just one that will benefit you, but your workers as well. We all know instances when an employee check has been delayed because of errors or incomplete information—that’s a nightmare for all concerned!

But what if the possibility of such a catastrophe can be greatly minimized, or even eliminated? With integrated employee management software, your staff can be assured that their precious work information is in good hands. A few months of flawless and easy payroll, and you might just make #1 Boss!

5. Don’t You Owe It To Yourself To Have The Best For You And Your Company?

It all comes down to the Bottom Line: what is going to be the best for your business?

If you could save money and time, and increase accuracy and worker satisfaction—wouldn’t you opt to do so? Change can feel a little “scary” at first, but companies like Fingercheck can make the switch to automated HR painless and empowering.

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