A Portable Construction Time Clock

Multi-Location Time Clock

A multi-location time clock is an ideal time tracking solution for large corporations and chain businesses. FingerCheck’s online time clock software stores time and attendance data in the cloud so managers from any office, at any location, can access their time and attendance data 24/7. Whether supervisors need to track employees working out of 5, 50, or 500 locations, FingerCheck provides universal platform supervisors can use to access employee data.

Large Business Time Clock

Businesses managing a large employee base need more out of their time clock software. FingerCheck delivers applicant tracking, time and attendance, and human resources tools that make employee management easier. Employees can log their time using our biometric time clocks, a computer, our Android or iPhone mobile app, text message, and Twitter, offering a wide variety of punch methods for every circumstance imaginable.

With FingerCheck, supervisors no longer need to be responsible for their employees’ payroll either. HR can take over payroll operations, and contact heads of departments if there are any punch errors within their employees’ time cards. They can even run customized reports to identify costly employee trends that may be costing the company money. This eliminates the time spent on manual time card calculations and decreases overall labor costs, which adds up to savings in money and efficiency. The accuracy of FingerCheck’s time clock software and its ability to integrate with many payroll systems also means saved costs for your business.

How Construction Site Job Clocks Work

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