Saving Time Just Got Easier

By Emily Burch Harris
October 6, 2022

Let the setup wizard help

We are thrilled to announce a feature enhancement to Payroll by Fingercheck. Our goal is to save you time so that you can focus on growing your business. Well, it’s difficult to do that when you’re on the phone with Customer Support, isn’t it? 

Our current process requires new clients to call Fingercheck support to create and modify their general ledger setup. We know that takes time. So we’ve designed a solution that allows clients to quickly and easily set up and modify General Ledger on their own. 

We have added a setup wizard to General Ledger to guide you through each process step and eliminate the need for manual data entry. This makes the process of setting up the mapping of your payroll data to your accounting program much easier.

The set-up wizard saves you time and energy. It’s not magic. But the wizard allows users to quickly set up General Ledger so that payroll information can be easily exported to accounting programs such as QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Rent Manager. If you don’t run those programs, we can still manually support General Ledger setups for other accounting programs.

How does this save me time and money?

The General Ledger setup wizard feature will save you time by eliminating the need for manual double-entry bookkeeping. You will no longer have to input payroll data for each employee in order to balance your books. Instead, an export file can be auto-generated for each payroll cycle to ensure that your company’s accounting is always up to date.

How can I use it?

First, export your chart of accounts from your accounting program. Then, upload that file into the setup wizard. If using QuickBooks Online, you can simply log in and your accounts will be automatically pulled into the setup wizard. 

Next, you are able to select which account you would like to map each payroll code (ex: earnings codes, tax codes) to in your accounting software. You can filter codes by cost centers, pay type, tax withholding type, and more. And you can apply optional advanced settings such as associating a code to a job, class or item within QuickBooks, or to a property name, property short name, or unit in Rent Manager.

Does this matter to me? 

If you are a new customer or a first-time user, then yes, this affects you. The setup wizard allows you to quickly and easily set up and modify General Ledger on your own. If you are an existing user with or without a GL setup, you can either set up a new GL using the wizard or you can make updates to your existing GL using the new wizard.

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