New Hires Hit The Ground Running With Automated Onboarding!

By Stefano Tromba
December 17, 2018

Before hiring a new employee in 2020, you’ll likely have to go through many steps to prepare for their first day. Countless applications, background checks, training…and there’s the entire onboarding process to consider!

Modern-day HR technology can make it easy. An automated Human Resources platform, like Fingercheck, greatly reduces the amount of time, paperwork and stress that all play a role in hiring for companies the “old way”.

Let’s explore how:

Applicant Tracking

Screening applicants becomes easy when automated with an HR platform like Fingercheck. Keywords related to the position can be programmed to flag the best candidates for the job. Searching through an applicant’s social media profile is yet another function you can run to assure you’re making the right hire for your organization – even before the interview!

Background Check

Whether hiring for any role, background checks are a routine, important and time-consuming step! When performed through automated HR companies using registered agencies, this process is made seamless. Everything from Social Security # verification to criminal database checks is quickly reviewed and delivered.


Onboarding is one of the most complicated tasks your company will perform during the entire hiring process. Your new employee will have to fill out the appropriate tax and payroll forms and probably more! That adds up to a pile of paperwork that an automated HR system eliminates and conveniently manages electronically – from the first welcome email to provide a W-4 to distributing employee handbooks and beyond.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading how you run your business more efficiently through automation!

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