5 Ways To Drive The Best Job Candidates To Your Company

By Fingercheck Marketing
February 4, 2019

Highly qualified candidates aren’t easy to find. Moreover, it’s even harder to persuade them to actually join your company. There’s a myriad of factors that define your success in attracting the best talent. In this article, we’ll be looking into the most important ones.

Attracting the best job candidates to your company depends on a broad spectrum of decisions that are made by you, as a business owner and your Human Resources team. Making the right moves will ensure that the highly qualified candidates you’ve selected will thrive in your company, but will also provide your business with growth and development.

Scout professionals via your network

Your personal network, especially if you’re an executive, can be an invaluable source for top-tier candidates. The main reason is that finding potential employees through your network filters out a large number of irrelevant applications. It makes it more likely for you to be referred to as top talent.

Your employees are also part of your professional network, so don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance. This is a common practice used for sourcing talented professionals. However, don’t forget that you need to incentivize your workers for sourcing or referring professionals.

Make applying for a position easy

Many companies turn to apply for a job into a quest, where you need to write a novel while you’re at it. Any professional that is looking for a job will often be demotivated by having to face a wall of questions that demand answers in writing, instead of having to answer them one-on-one, at an interview.

It’s imperative that you invest some time and effort into being able to screen your candidates, but not forcing them to spend hour writing answers to your screening questions. Don’t forget that the most important information about them is in their resume, which they’re about to send you. Having an excessively complex screening procedure will simply stand in the way between you and a stellar worker.

Transparency and authenticity

If you consider that your company has the potential to attract the best personnel in a particular niche, be open about the salary you’re ready to pay. Very often you’ll come across very vague descriptions, such as “competitive salary,” which can be treated very subjectively.

Transparency, however, shouldn’t stop there. Let candidates communicate with their future colleagues so that they can find out what the most problematic aspects of working in the company are – from their personal perspective. It’s essential to understand that all humans are prone to bias. We might think the way we see the world is identical to the way others do but it doesn’t really work like that. Let the candidate experience what working in your company implies, so that they’re sure that they can be happy with their decision.

Attract interns

Despite being inexperienced, interns are a great way of finding the best talent. The keyword is talent. A talented young professional that is instructed in accordance with your needs and professional demands, will grow to become an invaluable asset to your business while accumulating experience that is indispensable to their career.  Another obvious pro to working with interns is that you don’t have to pay them much or at all. However, the investment comes in the form of time dedicated to training.

Don’t be vague

You must take the time to carefully and honestly pen your job descriptions – this is the way the best candidates will come your way. Job descriptions shape expectations. They define responsibilities and life to work balance. Be honest about the position.

Businesses around the globe have started recognizing the importance of writing good and honest job descriptions by starting to delegate writing them to businesses that are versed in the niche like Trust My Paper.


There is a set of essential standards you have to fulfill to attract top talent in your field. Don’t hesitate to invest some time to comply with them.

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