Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Time & Attendance/Payroll Features to Collect

By Katherine Muniz
July 22, 2016

If you weren’t already aware, our fantastic customer support team, based out of Brooklyn, is largely comprised of millennial tech-lovers, making our office a hotbed for Pokemon Go activity. To intensify the fad, it just so happens that our building is an actual gym in Pokemon Go (seriously!). So inspired by our own poke-obsessed staff, we decided to create a “gotta catch ‘em all” list of standout features to collect in a payroll/time tracking solution.


Title: Support Specialist
Game Level: 12
Favorite Pokemon Collected: Squirtle
Favorite Feature: “Job costing – I’ve been working with clients for a long time, and one feature that is frequently asked about is rates and jobs. Many employers want to use a time tracking system that can differentiate pay rates based on the jobs their employee’s clock into. FingerCheck has seven levels of complex job costing in order to track hours by department, job, location, you name it.”


Title: Payroll/Time and Attendance Specialist
Game Level: 18
Favorite Pokemon Collected: Nidorino
Pokemon Strategy: “I just hang by Lures to catch and evolve everything I can to level up fast. Until you’re at a high level you only get weak pokemon with low CP, and you end up discarding them anyways. So I level fast and worry about keeping them later!”
Favorite Feature: “Accessibility, for both the Pokemon Go app and the FingerCheck mobile app – being able to use both these apps from anywhere is incredible. I prefer FingerCheck though, much better server stability, plus seeing my paystub right from my phone gets a big +1 over catching 300 low CP Doduo any day.”


Title: Office Manager
Game Level: 15
Favorite Pokemon Collected: Squirtle
Favorite Feature: “Scheduling – a lot of clients have requested a more dynamic drag and drop mode of scheduling, so later this year FingerCheck is going to debut a brand new scheduling module, which will allow employers to easily create sophisticated schedules.”


Title: Implementation Specialist
Game Level: 12
Favorite Pokemon Collected: Squirtle
Favorite Feature: “Easy interface – I’ve heard most clients love our interface and how easy it is to master, which can also be said for Pokemon Go.”


Title: Content Writer

Game Level: 4

Favorite Pokemon Collected: Pidgey

Favorite Feature: “Employee self-service – As a FingerCheck employee I get to experience first-hand what our clients’ employees experience and I love being given access to my own my hours, punches, and PTO! Logging in via the mobile app or online takes two seconds, and once I’m in I can check all my own information.”

As summed up by our staff, job costing, accessibility, stability, scheduling, smooth UI, and employee features are all great qualities to look for in a time tracking/payroll solution. FingerCheck has them all!

Photo Credit: Flickr | Shannon

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