Fingercheck makes Tekpon’s HR Software Top 10 list

By Emily Burch Harris
February 22, 2023

Everyone loves a Top 10 list, right? Don’t you remember waiting for a certain late-night TV host to read his? What about the listicles we see on our social media feeds? Well, we have news to share . . .

Fingercheck made Tekpon’s Top 10 list for Best HR Software for 2023! 

“We’re thrilled to have been included on Tekpon’s list,” said Tiffany Haynes, Fingercheck’s Chief Operating and Chief People Officer. “This recognition is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for small business owners. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve been relentless about building and leveraging technology to help businesses run more efficiently. Our disruptive and award-winning approach to payroll, scheduling and time and attendance has been well-received by our customers.”

Haynes highlighted Fingercheck’s history of innovation, from introducing the first app for hourly employers that integrated seamlessly with biometric time clocks to building a new phase of capabilities for small business owners through automation and AI.  

“We simplify employee management for small business owners, empowering them to thrive. And with our suite of solutions in Pay On-Demand, we also offer earned wage access to support workers.” These features show the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting employers and employees.

Fingercheck’s innovative and agile technology streamlines small business operations, making small businesses stronger and more competitive in today’s market. “Small businesses are the backbone of our communities,” Haynes said. “Our mission is to help small businesses stay strong. When small businesses grow, we all do.” By reducing administrative burdens, our platform enables small businesses to operate more efficiently, freeing valuable time and resources to focus on growth and success, she said.

Tekpon, a software marketplace prioritizing objective user-oriented product reviews, has recognized Fingercheck’s dedication to this mission.

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