Are you ready for the end of Q2?

By Emily Burch Harris
June 8, 2023

The end of the second quarter is Friday, June 30. We thought you might be interested in the Top 5 Tips for Success when it comes to your company’s quarterly filings.

Tip #1: Run your payroll early to avoid penalties and fees

At the end of each quarter, it’s critical that you close all open payrolls, particularly those with voids.

Remember: Any open payrolls included in the second quarter of 2023 must be dated on or before Friday, June 30, and processed on or before Wednesday, June 28.

In an emergency, payrolls and adjustments for the first quarter can be processed until July 7, for an additional fee.

To process payrolls and adjustments after Thursday, June 29, you must contact Fingercheck immediately.

Tip #2: Make sure your employees’ Social Security Numbers are correct

Check that all Social Security Numbers (SSNs) on your employee roster are correct. If any information is missing or incorrect, your filings might need to be amended. 

Tip #3: Review check dates when processing voids

When voiding a check, ensure the “Check Date” (i.e., issue date) on the check is on or before the last business day of the fiscal quarter. If you haven’t completed any existing payroll runs in the current fiscal quarter, create a “Special Payroll” run for the last business day of the quarter and assign the voided check to the special payroll run entry.

Click here for instructions on how to create a Special Payroll.

Tip #4: Make sure you know how voids affect you

If you process a payroll that results in a negative balance, like when voiding checks, Fingercheck will apply the resulting credit to your next tax liability, even if doing so requires Fingercheck to pay your state or federal tax authority for the expense. If this occurs, Fingercheck will charge your business for the expense during the first business week of the next fiscal quarter.

If you have processed a negative payroll, we always apply the full credit toward your next tax liability, even if the negative will cause a refund from the tax agency. We do this because most of the time,  negative balances clear themselves out by the end of the quarter. Due to this, we sometimes lay out some funds. If this is the case, we will draft you — sometimes without warning — to recoup these monies. This will happen in the first week of the new quarter.

Tip #5: Watch out for end-of-quarter variances

There is a possibility of a “variance” at the end of each quarter. A variance is a situation in which the amount your business owes in taxes exceeds what was drafted throughout the quarter.

Don’t worry. Quarter-end variances are common, and they happen for a variety of reasons.

Fingercheck audits your payroll activity at the end of each quarter to help ensure that you do not have a quarter-end variance. If we find a discrepancy, we will notify you how much is owed, and we will draft you so that we can make the proper payments.

We will draft your account to cover the unpaid variances in mid-July. Please ensure that the funds required to cover this expense are in your bank account by July 14, 2023, or we will be unable to complete your filing.

Have a question? We’re here to help!

We understand that quarter-end tax filings can be confusing. That’s why we are here to help! If you have any questions about your quarterly tax filings (or any other HR issue), please contact us.

  • Phone: 1-800-610-9501
  • Email:
  • Online: Reach us using the messaging feature in Fingercheck 
  • Chat: Fingercheck virtual assistant is available 24/7 in-app

We hope this information will be helpful. 

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