By: Stefano Tromba Dec 28, 2018

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Payroll

As a business owner, why not make a resolution at the beginning of 2019 to improve your payroll? You’ll save time…and perhaps even money!

Here are five New Year’s Resolutions for Payroll that you can consider:

  1. Keep It All On The Calendar: Make sure that you maintain a payroll calendar that not only lists timesheet deadlines and payday, but when other important filings are due. Of course, also ensure that both HR/Accounting and your employees have access to this calendar.
  2. Go Paperless: Taking the digital route and going for “paperless” payroll means you save time and money. Besides, who wants to deal with paper! Best of all, most employees prefer the convenience of receiving their payment information electronically.
  3. Staying Informed: The world of tax and employment law is an ever-changing landscape, and the cost of falling behind the curve can result in costly penalties. Resolve to stay on top of all the latest changes, policies, and new payroll technologies.
  4. Streamline and Integrate: Are there ways you can simplify your payroll system? Chief among these strategies should be making sure your payroll is integrated with time & attendance and other human resources procedures. One of the easiest ways to do this is using an all-in-one automated HR system like Fingercheck.
  5. Upgrade Your Payroll System: While we’re on the subject of technology, consider getting a payroll “makeover.” Whether it’s giving your current system a much-needed upgrade, or switching from manual to automated payroll for the very first time, there is no better time to make the switch than the New Year! That’s because there’s no old pay data history to transfer – so you start the New Year on a clean slate.

NEED A NEW YEARS’ RESOLUTION? Use Fingercheck’s all-in-one HR platform!

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