If you own or run a small business, you’re already familiar with the complexities of managing your staff schedule.  From changing shifts, switching days and vacation requests – it can get complicated and overwhelming. This is exactly what Fingercheck had in mind when updating our Scheduling Module.

Our latest updates make managing all this and more, simpler than ever before. Our re-designed, color-coded calendar makes it easy to view as well as, monitor who’s working at any job site. Specific viewing ability makes it even simpler.


• Drag and Drop Functionality

• Color-Coded Calendar for Easy Viewing

• View by Employee/Department or Task

• Auto Push Notifications for Scheduling Changes

The newly updated Scheduling Module is specifically designed to give you visibility into every area of your business, all while involving your team in the process. Creating work schedules has never been easier or more convenient – with one software.


Using any browser or mobile device, employers can easily manage schedules from anywhere. Last-minute changes and modifications are never a problem – whether you’re on the Jobsite or not. Everything is here for you to make sure you run your business more efficiently and without any error.

To learn more, click on “Our Platform” at the top of this page and click “Scheduling”, or click here to watch our video!

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