Like anything, there’s a right and wrong way of using a platform like LinkedIn.  As often and as widely used as social media is in both personal and professional spaces, it makes it easy for anyone to adopt bad habits or unwittingly ignore best practices.  So, for the purposes of this article, we’re going to break down the best ways to leverage the 3 most common types of LinkedIn users.


Like other job sites, Indeed, Zip Recruiter and a host of others, LinkedIn offers job seekers a place to view an array of job opportunities to apply for from just about any part of the world, at different career levels. Many job seekers may be tempted to connect with hiring managers and those they may have interviewed for a potential role.  Usually, this is a no-no. We advise any job seekers to wait out the job interview process before sending a connection request.  Doing so beforehand, can make things awkward for the hiring manager and could work against you – making you look pushy or overconfident.

Our Advice – Wait until a determination is made on the job you’re applying for before connecting.  This way, if you get the job you can request to connect and indicate your excitement on starting this new role and contributing.  On the flip side, if you’re not hired, you can express your appreciation for the opportunity to interview and hope to be considered for any future positions. Adding, that it would be great having them as a professional connection.


There’s much to gain from promoting your company on LinkedIn.  That is, of course, if you do it right. Remember, it isn’t Facebook, and you shouldn’t post anything personal unless it’s perhaps related to cause or some kind of charity you feel strongly about.

Our Advice – Companies should be sharing only things relevant to and about your company and/or interesting, that may be occurring in your industry.  It’s also important, for small businesses especially, to illustrate the uniqueness of your business.  Highlighting employees and your product gives the LinkedIn community an inside look at your company culture and just how fun, exciting and cool it is to work at and be part of what you do.


Having your own profile on LinkedIn is a great way to connect and grow your network.  LinkedIn is great at suggestion potential connections based, on your previous work history and experience.

Our Advice – Your LinkedIn professional profile should be just that…professional.  Sure, you can keep things light, but also keep it about work and related to what you do – at work or within your profession.  Joining interest groups, similar to your own, is a great way to get involved in discussions and will help expand your network.  Lastly, don’t be shy about making comments on posts. Often times, it can get “the ball rolling” on conversations that will increase your visibility within your growing network that you can leverage later on.

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