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    Thousands of businesses rely on Fingercheck to seamlessly automate their most essential management tasks.

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    Our team of payroll pros and HR experts will guide you through what you need to know and help you automate the rest.

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    We tailor our platform to meet all your unique needs, so you can stop crossing your fingers with piecemeal systems.

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    Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our solutions are designed to grow-as-you-go.

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"The best payroll processor we ever used! Fingercheck really helped us automate our payroll processing."
Shaya S.

Controller Smartek USA Inc.

“Fingercheck is by far the best payroll provider. They helped automate my business in ways I could never imagine…Great company! Great people! Great service!”
Dameon Cody

Haven Security Alliance, LLC Small Business (0-100 employees)

"The simplicity! Effortless to use; from adding time to holidays, PTO or regular time, it's easy. I've used other programs, but they were never simple. Fingercheck is excellent!"
Meagan Scott

Aloft Management Mid-Market (101-999 employees)

"Very professional and easy to use."
Dassy Kaufman

CUE Residential Small Business (0-100 employees)

"Easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself payroll software with great support."
Marc Offner

Jaydan Interiors Small Business (0-100 employees)

"Easy to use, industry-leading powerful tools for owners and employees."
Sam Lindner

American Power Electric Corp Small Business (0-100 employees)

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