Accurately Track Employee Work Time

  • Wall Tablet Module
    Tablet App
  • Biometric Fingerprint
    Biometric Fingerprint
  • Facial Recognition
    Facial Recognition
  • Mobile App Integration
    Mobile App
  • Web Punch
    Web Punch
  • Text Punch
    Text Punch

Fairly pay your employees for the hours they work no matter the job type. From office employees to field personnel, Fingercheck enables them to clock in from a variety of options including biometric time clocks, mobile apps, text messages (MMS) and online. When you need all the time and attendance tracking you can get, Fingercheck is all you need.

Total mobility means employees can clock in and out from anywhere in the world as long as they have a computer or smart device. GPS tagging helps you monitor their exact location at the time of punch. Photo capture adds another level of security to verify employee location. Job selection allows you to have proper job costing for each job; geofencing can then restrict punches to specific locations.

Reviews in real time

Reviews in Real-Time

The live status dashboard enables admins and supervisors to control automated alerts, emails and push notifications about time cards and exceptions.


Reporting in seconds

Reporting in Seconds

Detailed job costing capabilities means hassle-free reporting. Capture your complete cost on every job including workers’ comp and employer taxes, and enjoy accurate accounting through time entry.


Get better with time

Get Better with Time

Create custom rules to automatically calculate time cards, including automatic break rules, overtime policies, premium policies and more. It’s all at your fingertips.

  • Time Clock Tablet AppTablet App
  • Face ID WiFi – Facial Recognition Time ClockFace ID Wifi
  • Fingerprint Time Clock w/ 3G ServiceTA200+ 3G
  • TA103C Fingerprint Time ClockTA100C
  • Face ID – Facial Recognition Time ClockFace ID
  • TA200+ WiFi – Fingerprint Time ClockTA200+ Wifi
  • TA200+ – Fingerprint Time ClockTA200+
  • AC100C – Fingerprint Time ClockAC100C


  • Multiple clock-in methods
  • GEO fencing and job fencing
  • Manual time entry
  • Unlimited 7-level job costing
  • Custom calculation rules
  • Automatic break policies
  • Multi-level timesheet approvals
  • PTO accruals and time-off requests
  • Alerts
  • Real-time status w/ GEO map
  • Shift differentials
  • Scheduling

Track Time and Much More

Fingercheck time tracking monitors people and profitability.
It’s not a timesheet. It’s a whole new look on time management.

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